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At, we define success as the meaningful and authentic connection we make between an employer and a potential employee. We believe that every candidate and every company has a story to tell and those stories are the catalyst that brings qualified employees and employers together. Our mission is to provide a platform that enables genuine dialogue between these parties and allows job seekers to find their next career adventure and job posters to find their next integral team member.


Why do candidates hate applying for jobs?

An ATS is burdensome, time consuming and they never know where they stand in the interview process.  In the end - something has changed for the worse for candidates and they feel completely unheard, unseen and ignored.  

Our new Candidate Talent Pitch Video is a Game Changer for Recruiters


Video Embedded into Resume

Like speed dating - candidates have up to :60 seconds through TalentPitch to share their story, what they're all about and what type of culture in which they fit the best. Most importantly - what they can bring to your organization if given the chance. A resume can't do that (although we provide that too).

Total Candidate Privacy

Candidates want complete privacy with their account information.  We allow recruiters to search for occupational, career and keyword matches; however, you then issue a connect request for candidate consideration.  Once approved - you may watch their video and preview full resume and contact information on the candidate.

Informed Candidates are Happy Candidates

Very few companies take the time today to notify candidates on where they sit in the application process. On LocalJobs you can mark a reviewed resume through a custom workflow. Your workflow may be: 1) viewed resume, 2) shortlisted resume and 3) declined resume. Each time you change the status of a resume - the candidate is automatically notified in their dashboard.

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