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Why Every Company Needs to Build Their Brand

The landscape for recruitment today is difficult.  A robust economy coupled with an aging workforce that is retiring is making competition for candidates immense.  Furthermore with STEM related occupations realizing the greatest gains - they also present the greatest challenges.  So the question quickly becomes "What sets us apart from our competitors?"

Your brand needs to communicate everything it can about the culture, the office / production enviornment, what opportunities there are to succeed and what life looks like for them once they're hired. only have a few minutes to get all that accomplished.

Why Video?

Video is the ONLY way that you can extend sight, sound, motion and emotion into your brand pitch.  You can tell people how their lives (or the lives of their customers) will improve with your company....or your make them FEEL it.  That approach is highly effective in building your brand and we can give you a national brand look - starting at just $2,500 for a fully produced, onsite production effort.


How we helped a local BoJangles franchise group (65 locations) create an amazing introduction to their company.  We employed a story of the company's growth, three great employees and how they've grown professionally and the opportunities it created.

If you want to attract candidates to apply for your jobs - you need to make it more than a job.  It needs to be a great opportunity!  Let's make it happen together.  Get in touch and let's talk about how.

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