Frequently Asked Questions about

How do I get a job with
You can FIND a job with by either visiting the site and performing a search focused on occupation, location and cultural insights.  Creating a job alert and an in-depth profile about yourself will help you gain employment by getting FOUND by recruiters.

Can I post a job online with
Anyone can post a job online with as long as the position is posted in the United States and abides by our Terms and Conditions.

How do I put my resume on
Very easily. LocalJobs gives you the ability to: 1) build a resume from scratch and 2) upload an existing Word or PDF document.  You can then modify where desired.

Who can see my resume?
Nobody can see your contact details without first requesting it from you.  When a recruiter / employer likes your resume - they will send you a ‘contact request’ which you have to approve before they get to see the details of who you are.