About LocalJobs.com

How do I get a job with LocalJobs.com?
You can FIND a job with localjobs.com by either visiting the site and performing a search focused on occupation, location and cultural insights.  Creating a job alert and an in-depth profile about yourself will help you gain employment by getting FOUND by recruiters.

Can I post a job online with LocalJobs.com?
Anyone can post a job online with localjobs.com as long as the position is posted in the United States and abides by our Terms and Conditions.

How do I put my resume on LocalJobs.com?
Very easily. LocalJobs gives you the ability to: 1) build a resume from scratch and 2) upload an existing Word or PDF document.  You can then modify where desired.

Who can see my LocalJobs.com resume?
Nobody can see your contact details without first requesting it from you.  When a recruiter / employer likes your resume - they will send you a ‘contact request’ which you have to approve before they get to see the details of who you are.

Remote and Travelling Jobs

Which jobs can I do from home?
There are many jobs that can be done from the comfort of your home, including: web developer, translator, telecom representative, and much more.

Which jobs allow you to travel?
If you want to see the world without breaking the bank, consider a career that pays you to travel, such as: flight attendant, cruise ship employee, or English teacher.

Where can I find jobs where you can work from home?
Currently, these high-paying positions can be done from home: Virtual assistant, medical transcriptionist, translator, web developer, and call center representative.

Where can I find jobs where you travel?
If you want to see the world without breaking the bank, consider a career that pays you to travel, such as: flight attendant, cruise ship employee, or English teacher.

Will jobs pay for relocation?
Not all employers will cover the costs of relocation. However, these careers are known to pay for moving: Occupational Therapist, Behavioral Analyst, Restaurant Manager, and Nurse Practitioner.

Common Workplace Questions

Can jobs call your doctor?
Legally, an employer cannot call your healthcare provider to check the validity of a doctor’s note or an absence.

Can jobs randomly drug test?
Many employers will state upfront whether they have random drug testing as part of their company policy. Typically, your employer will have reasonable cause for a random drug test.


Jobs in High Demand

Where are jobs booming?
These industries are currently seeing a high need for employees: home health / personal care aide, fast food industry employees, and software developers.

Where are jobs growing?
Recent reports are showing these three cities as the top places for job openings: Boston, Philadelphia, and Atlanta.

What jobs pay well?
In America, the top ranking jobs that earn the highest salaries are: physician, pharmacy manager, and pharmacist.

Which jobs are future proof?
If you’re looking for a career that has job security, consider any of the following: healthcare employee, marketing agency, or cybersecurity specialist.

Jobs Affected by AI

Which jobs will be automated?
With our current technological advancements, these responsibilities can be passed on to computer software: telemarketing, bookkeeping, proofreading, market research, and advertising salespeople.

Will jobs disappear as technology evolves?
Your current career may not be at risk of being replaced by an AI. You can view the probability of this happening at willrobotstakemyjob.com

How are jobs affected by technology?
Technology is advancing, and fast. These jobs are at risk of being replaced by computer software: telemarketing, bookkeeping, proofreading, market research, and advertising salespeople.

The Hiring Process - Common Concerns

Can jobs see pending charges?
Depending on the severity of the charge, a background check has the potential to reveal pending charges on your record.

Will jobs hire you if you're pregnant?
Legally, a potential employer can’t deny you a position because of pregnancy.

Will jobs hire a person with a theft misdemeanor?
Although a misdemeanor charge is not as severe as a felony, any violent, theft, or drug-related charge will make employers hesitant to hire.

When jobs say preferred, what do they mean?
Some jobs will create postings for multiple positions that they need filled. When you apply to work for these companies, they will ask which of those multiple positions you would “prefer” to get hired for.

When do jobs ask for a writing sample?
If you are applying for any content or copywriting job, your potential employer will most likely ask for a writing sample to see your skills in action. This could be a previous piece you’ve written or a project that the employer gives you.

When do jobs ask for salary requirements?
Some jobs will ask what salary rate you are expecting before they bring you in for an interview. If this happens, you will need to provide this information during the application process.

Why do jobs drug test?
Many drugs are illegal in the United States. Employers will not hire anyone who is using illegal substances. A drug test will reveal these substances in a candidate’s system.

What jobs do credit checks?
If you are applying for a job where you will be primarily handling money, your employer will most likely conduct an employment credit check. This will let employers know how responsible you are based on your financial history.

Fast Food Jobs

What do fast food jobs pay?
The average hourly rate of any fast food job will vary based on location. You can view forecasted pay rates for fast food jobs at: https://www.payscale.com/

Are there any good careers paths in fast food?
Depending on your employment goals, a career in fast food can take you pretty far. Working your way up to a managerial position can open up a lot of doors when you reflect your journey on your resume.

How do you learn about fast food jobs?
There are many online job boards that stay up to date on the latest fast food jobs, but LocalJobs.com can help you stand out to employers. Learn more today!

What does a fast food manager normally make?
Recent data shows that the average base pay for a fast food manager is $18,533 per year.

Do fast food restaurants offer benefits?
Depending on where you work, some fast food chains offer healthcare, dental, and vision packages to their full- and part-time employees.

Does fast food companies hire veterans?
Legally, employers cannot discriminate between candidates when hiring to fill job positions. Veterans have an equal chance of getting hired by fast food companies.

How much experience does a fast food manager need?
Recent managerial experience is required for any fast food manager position, but you can also work your way up to that status by gaining your employer’s trust and showcasing your work ethic.

How do I get a job as a fast food manager?
LocalJobs.com features the latest fast food manager positions on our up-to-date job board. Find local job opportunities today!

How do I get a job as a fast food manager in Asheville?
View the latest fast food manager positions in Asheville, NC at LocalJobs.com

Healthcare Jobs

What are some of the best Healthcare jobs for 2020?
According to the latest polls, these are the top three jobs in the healthcare industry: Dentist, Physician Assistant, and Orthodontist.

Do you have to have a degree to work in the Healthcare industry?
If you only have a high school diploma, you can still work in the healthcare industry as an administrative employee or as support to the medical professionals working in the facility.

What new jobs will be available in the healthcare industry in the future?
According to speculation, these are some possible jobs in the healthcare industry that may be available as technology progresses: Brain Implant Specialist, Pharmaceutical Artisan, and Space Nurse/Physician.

What do healthcare facilities pay new hires?
Due to the amount of positions and requirements for these roles, a starting wage will differ depending on what healthcare career you choose. Find your next job in healthcare with LocalJobs.com!

Where do you apply for healthcare jobs?
With LocalJobs.com, it’s easy to find the healthcare job that you’ve been searching for. Learn more about our healthcare positions today!

Where do you find a list of healthcare jobs?
LocalJobs.com has the latest list of healthcare jobs that you can use to reach out to your next employer. Learn more about our process today!

Do I need a resume to get a healthcare job?
Absolutely! Your resume will help employers know exactly what you’re bringing to the table. Building a custom resume with LocalJobs.com can help you stand out from other candidates.

How do I find a job working in mental health?
Find your next career in mental healthwith LocalJobs.com. We can help you get found by your ideal employer!