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Job Creator

Easily create job postings for recruiter via URL, PDF upload or a convenient form. gives you the option to adapt the catagories for job postings to the requirements of your niche.

Job Browser finds suitable jobs for your Applicants. The integrated Faceted Search Technology enables an easy discovering of the job market. Applicants can bookmark their top jobs to view them later.

Job Candidate Videos (NEW)

Through candidates can now tell you their story. Recruiters can search the resume database and view candidates video resume.  Candidates can now tell you about themselves through a 30-60 second video.  No other job board offers this feature!

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Our Company is a privately owned company that was launch in 2000. Our roots are in the southeast with our first few job boards being and Since that time, we continued to grow by launching other geographic and vertical industry job boards.

We take a good deal of pride in knowing that we have served our many customers and job seekers for nearly two decades and have created a number of life changing events for both our customers and job seekers. Many have gone on to become close personal friends...something that rarely happens these days in business.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which jobs pay the most?
Currently, the top 3 highest-paying jobs in the US are: physician, pharmacy manager, and pharmacist.

Which jobs are in demand?
There are many job opportunities that are in demand, but currently employers are needing these positions filled the most: home health / personal care aide, fast food industry employees, and software developers.

Which jobs will be replaced by ai?
With our current technological advancements, the following positions can be filled by artificial intelligence: telemarketing, bookkeeping, proofreading, market research, and advertising salespeople.

Which jobs are easy to get?
There are a number of jobs that require little to no experience or higher education, including: retail, fast food, mechanics, bookkeeping, and much more.

Which jobs earn the most money?
In America, the top ranking jobs that earn the highest salaries are: physician, pharmacy manager, and pharmacist.