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It's your story...

To make sure the companies you’re interested in working for
are interested in YOU, you’ll need more than just a standard resume.

This is why we’ve created TalentPitch, where you can create
a personal video introduction to easily create/embed within
your online resume to help you STAND OUT!

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Welcome to TalentPitch by
The Dawn of a New Candidate Experience

Technology is a wonderful thing - when used in a helpful manner.  We can think of no greater accomplishment than when we effectively help a candidate present the authenticity of their character, their passions and the value they can bring to an employer.

TalentPitch gives you the ability to share a :60 second presentation about yourself.  Some candidates find this a daunting task, but consider this.  You're going to do this ANYWAY....during your first interview - right?  So, why not nail it ahead of time by sharing your story in a manner that gives you the time to prepare and put your best foot forward.

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Three reasons why it's smart to create a TalentPitch video

You have likely grown up using either YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or one of the many other social media sites and video creation is second nature for you. 
Your comfort level in communicating through video is quite high...though professionally may make you pause :-) 

Like you - your hiring manager ALSO grew up using the same video media you did.  They LIKE video stories and they WILL watch yours if you include it.....which is more than we can say if you only have an electronic or paper resume.  

Everyone has a resume with their opening objective, a chronology of their work life...and stuffed with keywords that hopefully trick the ATS into helping you get seen by a recruiter.  But - how many have a GREAT PRESENTATION about themselves?  Can you imagine dating using a paper resume only????  Well - your TalentPitch is YOUR branded commercial.  Recruiters see your regular resume....AND hear from you personally and that IS POWERFULLY persuasive in getting your foot in the door for your first interview.

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