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It's your story...

To make sure the companies you’re interested in working for
are interested in YOU, you’ll need more than just a standard resume.

This is why we’ve created TalentPitch, where you can create
a personal video introduction to easily create/embed within
your online resume to help you STAND OUT!

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COVID-19 and You.

We are going though unprecedented times in the United States and around the world.  Millions of people have been laid off or furloughed and if you are here today because of this outcome, our hearts go out to you ....and we want to help.  Our suggestion - please read below about our new TalentPitch.  Ground breaking in it's ramifications - take the time to understand it's power...IF you choose to use it.  Share your story, share your heart...and appeal to humanity of the person reading your resume.  

How can a common resume help you stand out?

How can it tell a potential employer about all your career aspirations, special skills and talents, or even what makes you the perfect candidate for their position?  With the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in millions of lost jobs - that's A LOT of candidates competing for the best opportunities across all industries!  

The reality is that we think there is a better way for job seekers.

Introducing TalentPitch, a video recording tool built directly into your candidate profile dashboard on Our built-in video tool makes it easy to record, review and save a :60 second commercial about yourself.

The Step by Step Tutorial on How to Create your TalentPitch

For many people making a self promotional video seems hard.  It's not!  Grab a cup of coffee and watch this tutorial as we walk you through how easy it is to make your resume STAND OUT. 

COVID-19 is going to create an amazing once in a lifetime opportunity for those candidates that get a jump on other candidates by finding, applying and landing the interview as companies rehire workers.  NOW IS YOUR TIME! 

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