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It's your story...

To make sure the companies you’re interested in working for
are interested in YOU, you’ll need more than just a standard resume.

This is why we’ve created TalentPitch, where you can create
a personal video introduction to easily create/embed within
your online resume to help you STAND OUT!

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How can a common resume help you stand out?

It can't.  That's the problem.  

The reality is that we think there is a better way for job seekers.

Introducing TalentPitch, a video recording tool built directly into your candidate profile dashboard on Our built-in video tool makes it easy to record, review and save a :60 second commercial about yourself.  Let the employer see you....hear you....and most important - let your voice pitch them on exactly why you are worth interviewing.  It just may be the best way to get your foot in the door!

The Step by Step Tutorial on How to Create your TalentPitch

For many people making a self promotional video seems hard.  It's not!  Grab a cup of coffee and watch this tutorial as we walk you through how easy it is to make your resume STAND OUT. 

This tight labor market may be the "once in a lifetime opportunity" for those candidates that get a jump on other candidates by finding, applying and landing the interview as companies seek to hire the BEST workers.  NOW IS YOUR TIME! 

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