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MRI Technologist

Job Description

Job Duties

Performs all technical aspects of ordered MRI procedures. This service provides diagnostic images for interpretation by the Radiologists.

Oversees and ensures patient, operator, and visitor safety throughout the procedure. Utilizes the pressure injector in a safe and correct manner. Patient safety must be monitored and maintained by the technologist. Completes all proper consent forms prior to administration of contrast. Documents any current or previous reactions.

Maintains room and equipment cleanliness per standards of infection control guidelines. Orders supplies pertinent to the performance of MRI procedures.

Effectively utilizes all necessary computer systems in compliance with HIPPA guidelines.

Follow the safety steps required to perform their duties and be in compliance with medical, state and federal safety standards. They must be able to demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care appropriately.

Obtains and records all patient data as required by the medical center, state, JCAHO or other agencies. Ensure proper charging of all procedures, coding, and modifiers are correct.

Performs other duties as assigned.




Education, Credentials, Licenses:

  • Education and National Credentials:
    • Current CPR certification
    • Graduate of an approved accredited program in either Radiologic Technology or Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
    • Registered by the ARRT (MR)


      • Complete ARRT (MR) within 15 months of job assignment.
        • Complete MR competency checklist within first 90 days of job assignment.
        • Complete ARRT (MR) certification within 1 year of competency checklist completion.
  • NOTE: State Licensure is NOT required by the state of Kentucky or Indiana because this job is a non-radiation producing position.
  • ARRT Registered in another modality
  • Associate or Bachelor Degree

Specialized Knowledge:

  • Effective communication skills
  • Proven competency to inject intravenous contrast agents.
  • Advanced knowledge of cross section anatomy.

Kind and Length of Experience:

  • Adequate clinical experience from an approved program.
  • 1-2 years’ experience in MRI

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MRI Technologist

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Published on 04/18/2024

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