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Facilities Engineering Mechanic

  1. Summary

The Facilities Engineering Mechanic is responsible for performing stationary engineering duties in the central boiler and chiller plants as required. They also perform a wide range of maintenance tasks in the hospital including routine HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and responding to facilities emergencies involving these trades. The Engineering Mechanic also performs preventive maintenance relating to HVAC, plumbing, electrical, refrigeration, and other mechanical systems. The Facilities Engineering Mechanic communicates with the clinical supervisor on-duty as needed, and the on-call Facilities Superintendents as required to arrange for required emergency services.

  1. Principal Duties and Responsibilities
    1. Performs operations in the central boiler and chiller plants including operating the hospital’s building automation system, starting and stopping boilers and chillers as directed, starting and stopping pumps, variable frequency drives, control air compressors;
    2. Performs preventive maintenance in the boiler and chiller plants when assigned;
    1. Respond to and acknowledge, silence, and reset fire alarms according to departmental policy. Investigate fire alarm events and direct BCFD personnel to fire locations. Serve on hospital’s fire emergency response team.
    1. Assist with other various systems including but not limited to door alarm systems, wander systems, door control systems, nurse call systems, and TV systems.
    1. Respond to and correct errors in the hospital’s pneumatic tube system; request assistance from Pevco when directed by the on-call or electrical superintendent. .
    1. Investigates losses of power whether localized or facility-wide. Restore power when possible; communicate with on-call or electrical superintendent; communicate with BGE as directed by superintendent. Makes simple electrical repairs; resets breakers, restart equipment as directed by superintendent.
    1. Replaces various types of lamps in lighting fixtures; conducts preventive maintenance lighting rounds both interior and exterior.
    1. Investigates leaks, stops leaks with appropriate control valves and other means; assists with water/floor clean up.
    1. Unclogs sinks, toilets, floor drains, and roof drains etc. using equipment appropriate for the task.
    1. Investigates HVAC temperature and ventilation complaints; adjusts thermostats and other HVAC equipment when possible..
    1. Responds to elevator failures; initiates elevator rescues by contacting security to respond and call 911 for BCFD to conduct rescue; turns off power to elevator when necessary; contacts elevator service contractor according to departmental policy.
  1. Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
  1. Position requires a 1st grade stationary engineer’s license valid in the State of Maryland; high school level of educational development (high school graduate or GED).
  1. Five years of previous experience; hospital or other healthcare experience preferred.
  1. Maryland Class C driver’s license required.
  1. Requires analytical skills to gather and interpret information in both routine and emergency situations.
  1. Work requires the ability to understand and respond to written and verbal instructions.
  1. Work requires ability to use an electronic tablet device for tracking work hours and completion of work orders.
  1. Work requires contact with patient and visitors to the hospital, and courtesy, empathy and good customer service skills.
  1. Required Physical, Mental and Visual Abilities
  1. Lifting and/or carrying objects weighing over 50 lbs.
  1. Pushing and/or pulling non motorized equipment weighing more than 50 lbs.
  1. Climbing – ascending and descending ladders, scaffolding, and ramps.
  1. Stooping and bending.
  1. Reaching and grasping objects.
  1. Manipulating and operating hand and power tools or machinery.
  1. Walking and/or standing for extended periods of time.
  1. Working Conditions
  1. Work requires working with equipment or performing procedures where carelessness could result in minor cuts, bruises or muscle strains.

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