Joseph Mancini

  • Director of Education
  • Cape Coral, Florida 33993
  • Oct 20, 2017
Full time Education

Personal Summary

Dedicated, results-driven, and student-centered professional, offering extensive experience in providing the highest quality of educational support and services to staff, students, and stakeholders.

Expert at designing differentiated curriculum, applying behavioral management techniques, and utilizing effective strategies to attain optimum student outcomes. Adept at developing and implementing educational programs geared toward the empowerment and success of students. Recognized for the ability to lead key initiatives and identify the organization’s strengths and weaknesses, while addressing needs to drive academic excellence. Skilled at building beneficial and long-term relationships with diverse individuals to establish a cohesive faculty.

Work Experience

Owner | President | Lead Instructor
Math Man Education Inc.
  • Maintain active involvement in facilitating fundraising activities, while establishing business partnerships to acquire donations for numerous educational causes.

  • Conduct interviews for several teaching positions to evaluate candidate’s preparedness and qualifications in alignment with the organizational goals.

  • Facilitate customer orientation which involves conducting needs assessments, data analysis, and goal building.

  • Develop curriculum and alignments, as well as employee orientation to meet newly designed goals and expectations.

  • Promote customer care, involving regular parent/student meetings, progress assessments, needs identification, data analysis, consulting, and problem-solving.

  • Maintain accuracy of pertinent documents such as budgeting, payroll, taxes, personal data of students and employees, as well as school to home communications.

Instructor, Grade 5th
Hector A. Cafferata Jr. Elementary
  • Take initiative for creating and implementing a mathematics curriculum for a variety of grade levels and individual students.

  • Consistently identify and lead teaching efforts for the purposes of integrating technology initiatives in managing the classroom.

  • Analyze skills and methods in applying positive behavior management techniques while incentivizing students.

  • Work collaboratively with professionals relative to curriculum development involving all program areas from kinder to college-level coursework.

  • Preside over trainings to other instructors regarding effective teaching methods and newly adopted instructional programs.

  • Utilize innovative strategies in teaching mathematics and science subjects to struggling students, including creating differentiated curriculum, as well as assessing learning and behavior issues.

  • Serve as a member of the Text Book Adoption Committee, in charge of conducting analysis of standards and needs assessments for individual grade levels.

  • Demonstrated effectiveness in teaching students, thus earning recognition as a highly effective teacher in five consecutive years.

  • Received the Florida High Impact Teacher letter of accommodation from the Florida’s Commissioner of Education: Pam Stewart.

Instructor, Grade 3rd–5th
Edgewood Elementary
  • Created a supervisory structure for the school’s first night academy for literacy and English Language Learning: adults and children, while implementing a toddler care program for participants to facilitate the learning experience.

  • Acted as a team leader from 2004 to 2006 as well as from 2009 to 2010, responsible for aligning grade-level goals with the organizational goals, ensuring comprehension of new classroom management strategies, curriculum, and new instructional initiatives, and organizing members to address issues relative to data analysis, parental involvement initiatives, individual student needs assessments, and organizational policies and regulations adherence.

  • Rendered significant contributions in determining scope and sequence of subjects, while collaborating with stakeholders and parents as part of the Math Textbook Committee: introducing new materials and accompanying format to differing grade levels, parents, and administration.

  • Gained distinction for attaining the Lee County Math Council (LCMC): Math Teacher of the Year Runner-up in 2008 and 2009.


Doctor of Education, with Concentrations in Organizational Leadership and Educational Leadership
Nova Southeastern University
Master of Educational Leadership
Nova Southeastern University
Master’s Program Initiative for Educators
University of Cincinnati
Bachelor of Arts in Education
University of Cincinnati
Bachelor of Science in Geographical Sciences
University of Cincinnati