David Chalmers

  • Mechanical/Manufacturing Engineer
  • Kitchener, Ontario N2N 2K6
  • Oct 12, 2017
Full time Engineering

Personal Summary

Seasoned, astute and results-oriented professional, offering broad-based experience in the field of engineering; encompassing mechanical and manufacturing within laboratory and production environments. Familiar with mechanical engineering theories, principles and concepts to handle and accomplish various projects within the allotted time frame and budget. Effective at communicating with diverse individuals by proactively participating to numerous meetings with internal staff to share information and discuss status of tasks and assignments.

Work Experience

Applications Engineer | Technician Centre Manager
Impco Technologies Inc.
  • Provided expert oversight to a cross-functional team to design and manufacture automotive alternative fuel control systems

  • Worked closely with the software engineer to create the code for all input/output engine management systems based on wire harness and customer requirements

  • Facilitated calibration of performance to measure emissions regulations, torque/power, engine stability and governing speed and sound

  • Offered hands-on support to all customers in identifying and defining product needs; while generating working drawings and schematics for interfacing fuel management software and engine hardware

  • Thoroughly reviewed drawings to ensure accuracy, material selection, proper machining techniques and compliance with International Organization for Standardization (ISO), American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as well as Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) standards

  • Rendered technical support and onsite training to guarantee the alignment of final product with customers’ needs

  • Expertly handled laboratory validation testing through precision engineering principals, as well as utilisation of calorimeters, cyclic corrosion chamber, thermo changers, data acquisition systems, dynamometer, flow testing, software programming and high pressure testing

  • Spearheaded staff, including performance evaluations, hiring and training, health and safety as well as regulatory compliance

  • Demonstrated expertise in developing the remaining parts of the engine, including:

  • Exhaust system: Manifold, oxygen sensors, catalytic converter and muffler;

  • Fuel system: Injectors, fuel rail, fuel absolute pressure sensor and fuel lines;

  • Front dress: Alternator and mounting, fan and mounting, belt and tensioner routing and starter and mounting;

  • Intake system: Manifold, throttle body, manifold absolute pressure and intake air temperature (IAT) sensors and air filter;

  • Electrical system: Wire harness schematic, connector list and layout and other related sensors, such as crankshaft and camshaft and engine control unit and mounting; and

  • Cooling system: Water pump speed and size, hose routing, such as cooling exhaust gas recirculation and thermostat bypass and radiator sizing for adequate heat rejection (air-to-boil test)

  • Led the complete renovation of the tech-center by hiring contractors to remove and build walls that meet specific testing equipment requirements

  • Managed the sourcing and ordering of testing equipment, such as cyclic corrosion chambers, vibration table, dynamometers and AVL dynocontrollers

  • Oversaw the commissioning and final approval of installation of state-of-the-art fire suppression systems, while designing the layout of the tech-center and new office for tech-center staff

  • Took charge of installing fuel tanks in compound to deliver fuel to all dyno testing cells and designing the layout and safety devices for transporting the fuel to each testing cell

  • Performed sourcing, ordering and installation of cranes for lifting engines in/out for test vehicles (forklifts) and engines test carts

Notable Accomplishments:

  • Earned exceeds expectations five times during annual reviews for excellent performance and professionalism

  • Succeeded in designing and validating a fuel management system and dress components for the Ford 2.5L engine, which resulted in national sales of more than $20M and recognition of the company as the largest, cleanest and high-tech companies in the world

  • Obtained promotions for being recognized as a leader, demonstrating the ability to work well with other and being an assertive communicator to build prototypes (welding, cutting, machining and coating), while ensuring fantastic punctuality and maintaining budget and time lines


Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering Technology
McMaster University
Advanced Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology, Design and Analysis
Conestoga College
Technology Certificate in General Arts and Science
Conestoga College