Robert Hulett

  • Project Management
  • Pensacola, Florida 32526
  • Oct 10, 2017
Full time Construction / Skilled Trades

Personal Summary

Success-driven, people-oriented, and performance-focused professional with wide-ranging experience in various aspects of operations management, business development, and regulatory compliance. Adept at leading and motivating personnel to improve work quality and performance. Capable of making sound decisions within fast-paced and highly demanding environments toward efficiency improvement. Equipped with excellent interpersonal and communication skills essential in establishing and maintaining connection with various professional of all levels.

Work Experience

Fire and Chemical Spill Response Team Leader | Deck Forman | Lead Rigger
Oceaneering Inc.
  • Supervise the entire operations of a 150-ton MacGuire knuckle boom crane, as well as Manitowoc boom crane signaling and banking across onshore and offshore locations

  • Operate various boarding equipment as well as interact and critical lifts, such as 60-ton tree tools, jumpers, and pod recovery tools used for umbilical, hazardous chemicals, and vessel-to-vessel transfers

  • Handle various paperwork, such as JSEAs development, JSEAs revising, rigger evaluations, equipment movement orders, lift plans, lifting policies, and procedures

  • Conduct keen inspection on critical and hazardous operations as high hazard task observer

  • Contribute in the containment and removal of acid and other corrosive chemicals, in coordination with the Fire and Spill Response Team

  • Administer fire systems and maintain updated inventory logs of multiple offshore vessels

  • Completed the 40-hour fire containment training for coastguard, applying skills gained in actual situations

Delmar Systems
  • Utilized different anchoring systems for rigging setup in various vessels, including Seacore and Chuess boats

  • Assumed main responsibility in towing rigs from location to location

  • Capably worked in different companies in Canada and Trinidad

  • Demonstrated expertise with wide spectrum of tools and equipment, including from chains and spinning chains, 85-ton shackles, connecting links and par links, JLG man lifts, and Gradall 544C-10 extend-a-booms

Infantry Squad Leader | Infantryman | Ammunition Handler
United States Marine Corps
  • Fulfilled various roles, including senior noncommissioned officer and marines leader, in charge of training junior marines on proper performance of jobs as well as supervising marines in the combat field

  • Displayed strong leadership skills in overseeing personnel and conducting evaluations, disciplinary actions, counseling, motivation, and instruction

  • Obtained qualifications as combat life saver, combat marksmanship coach and trainer, mortar team leader, urban warfare instructor, and physical fitness trainer


Masters in Management, In Progress
University of Phoenix
Bachelors of Science in Business with Project Management Certificate
University of Phoenix
Coursework in Business Management and Leadership
University of Phoenix