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  • Software Engineer | Backend Developer
  • Campbell, California 95008
  • Oct 03, 2017
Full time Engineering Information Technology

Personal Summary

Highly analytical, performance-focused, and multifaceted professional, offering wide-ranging experience in software development and engineering, database optimization, product enhancement, and quality assurance. Adept at identifying and formulating technologically-centered solutions to address issues and defects, while ensuring product stability and performance. Highly familiar with the feature implementation, essential in accomplishing large-scale and complex projects. Concept-to-execution leader, able to develop and implement key IT initiatives to drive continuous performance and process improvement. Articulate communicator, with bilingual fluency in English and Mandarin.

Work Experience

Staff Software Engineer

Apply Kanban agile methodology in redesigning, and recoding a new version of the IBM API Connect software. Utilize JavaScript, Swagger-driven framework, micro-services platform (through Docker) in redesigning and implementing API Connect V6 to completion within one year. Preside over design discussion with the customer architect regarding the feature requirement collection and understanding for several core features of the product, including the audit log and activity stream. Lead the implementation of several major features of API Connect V6, including product lifecycle, notification mechanism, and approval task process completion for all key operations. Facilitate customer screen share calls to assist them in dealing with problems, analyzing issues, and collecting required information to reproduce bugs locally, and fix defects.

  • Singlehandedly executed entire member logic as part of the syndication feature for IBM API Connect V5 with no known defects.

  • Took charge of session affinity development and implementation for the API Connect V5 load balancing, using Apache CouchDB from the ground-up.

  • Successfully elevated a product from the bottom of a customer recommendation list for API management platforms, to the top.

Software Engineer

Verified and repaired performance for several IBM products, including Collaboration Service (CS), Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) and IBM Enterprise Records (IER), through keen analysis of CPU utilization, memory usage, garbage collection, and operation response times. Identified and debugged performance bottlenecks and issues which included product memory leaks, thread contention, and database tuning. Ensured product stability and performance through performance characterization, longevity, regression, stress tests, as well as SCOUT and high volume/large object tests.

  • Provided recommendations, solution hints, and tips to customers utilizing IBM Enterprise Records, thus maximizing throughput with large volumes of data. The recommendations and hints were subsequently published in a white paper.

Software Engineer
Sonowise, Inc.

Implemented a clinically approved algorithm to calculate and illustrate the thickness of the innermost two layers of an artery wall (intima-media thickness) for an ultrasound device, using C++ and SDL. Consistently met two Food and Drugs Association (FDA) safety standards for ultrasound devices by establishing and ensuring complete software quality test suites.


Master of Science in Computer Science
San Jose State University
Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
University of California