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Earl W Temple III
New Bern, NC

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Sales Manager
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Full time
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Active job seeker
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Havelock High
High School Diploma

Work Experience: 

Detention Service Officer
Craven County Sheriffs Dept
Craven County Sheriffs Dept | New Bern, NC, United States

Detected and removed contraband through unscheduled cell inspections.

Safeguarded facility access, monitoring entrances and screening visitors.

Kept records and drafted reports detailing offender movements or rule violations.

Patrolled assigned areas to assess facility security and verify offender counts.

Monitored offender behavior and addressed disciplinary action during shower and meal periods.

Followed and promoted compliance with established security procedures.

Assisted with investigations of crimes such as assault occurring within facility.

Inspected conditions of locks, window bars, grills, doors, and gates at correctional facilities to ensure security

and help prevent escapes.

Coordinated safe visits by family members, legal representation and volunteers.

Minimized chances for escape or violence with proactive monitoring of all inmates.

Maintained records of prisoners' identification and charges.

Conducted headcounts to ensure each prisoner was present.

Organized strict daily schedules for prisoners, including work assignments, appointments and visits by family


De-escalated disturbances with verbal and physical response strategies.

Managed prisoner transfers and court appearances, protecting officers, inmates and general public from harm.

Searched prisoners and vehicles and conducted shakedowns of cells for valuables and contraband such as

weapons or drugs.
Retail Parts Specialist
Whites International Bobcat
Whites International Bobcat | New Bern, NC, USA

I was responsible for delivery of International parts and Bobcat Parts . I traveled to School bus garages from Boliva ,

NC to Swanquarter in Hyde Co. My job was customer relations with School bus accounts as well as parts delivery.
A-1 Tree Inc
A-1 Tree Inc | New Bern, North Carolina

* Met with potential clients to consult and recommend tree services needed and how we would perform the work .

I completed a written estimate for them on site and explained. I scheduled the jobs for the clients. The work was

then performed on scheduled date and I would supervise the team . I was the incharge of all new equipment

purchases and inventory.
Sales Manager
H & N Chevrolet
Sales Manager, Management/Manager, Sales
H & N Chevrolet | Havelock, NC

I started as a auto salesperson and then moved up to Finance and Insurance manager . I was then trained to

purchase used cars at auctions and later promoted to sales manager.
Sales Associate
Trent Olds, Cadillac
Sales associate, Sales
Trent Olds, Cadillac | New Bern, North Carolina

Presented new and used automobiles to customers.
Stock and Cashier
A & P
A & P | Havelock, NC

I unloaded freight trucks and stocked shelves. I also worked as a cashier when needed. This store was a 24 hour

location so I work all shifts and often 7 Days a week when required.

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