Hershel Gattis

  • Technical Instructor
  • Meridian, Mississippi 39305
  • Jul 20, 2017
Full time Education Information Technology

Personal Summary

Analytical, performance-focused, and success-driven professional with broad experience in control room operations and facility maintenance, focusing on maximizing plant reliability and efficiency.

Effective at developing and implementing innovative strategies to attain set-forth objectives and streamline company operations. Proactive team player and hands-on leader; effective at managing a team toward productivity and efficiency. Familiar with power plant operating systems, regulatory compliance, and gasification processes. Equipped with articulate communication skills, essential in establishing rapport with professionals at all levels.

Work Experience

Senior Operations Specialist/Technical Trainer,
Mississippi Power Company
  • Render hands-on and technical support to the Operations Department, encompassing plant procedure development, review and updates, emergency equipment checklists, and project management documentation, involving electronic rounds and readings administration

  • Steer efforts in handling the development and implementation of new employee training

  • Educate all outside operators and inside board operators regarding basic and comprehensive power plant operations, as well as non-covered new hires for basic power plant fundamentals class

  • Execute ongoing and advanced technical training for all operators, including the use of sophisticated unit simulators, on-the-job training, and knowledge and skills assessment for management, well versed in the Systematic Approach to Training (SAT) to ensure that all staff have the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes in performing their job

  • Offered effectual support in delivering the following functions:

  • Operations maintenance in compliance with the standards of process safety management (PSM) system, involving process hazard analysis, operating procedures, training, safety reviews, change management, incident investigation, emergency planning and response and compliance audits

  • Clearance LO/TO processes, including refresher training, hardware inventory management, and standard development / revision

  • Start-ups and shutdown planning and critiques and troubleshooting unit operational issues

  • Conduct unit performance evaluation, equipment trend analysis, troubleshooting, project planning, and coordination, while assuming the role of an operations team leader

  • Obtained promotion from board operator to operation specialist or technical trainer

Senior Control Room Operator
URS, Anniston Army Depot
  • Performed the operation and maintenance of plant systems through distributed control system (DCS) to ensure safe operations in adherence to standard operating procedures to avoid release of toxic chemical agents into the environment during the demilitarization process, while working a DuPont rotating shift

  • Received certification on all boards in the control room, which included liquid incinerator furnace, metal parts furnace, deactivation furnace, plant utilities, projectile and mortar disassembly machine, agent continuous air monitoring system, and multi-purpose Demil machine

  • Earned selection as an active member of Management Safety and Environmental teams

Senior Control Room Chemical Reactor Operator
Parsons Technology
  • Managed the neutralization of chemical agent in steel reactors by carefully batch-mixing the agent with heated sodium hydroxide and water to effectively utilize a series of complex batch formulas

  • Took charge in directing and monitoring the entire process remotely through DCS to ensure the verification of agent neutralization at the on-site laboratory