Logistics Manager Specialist

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Edward Mendez
Riverview, FL

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Logistics Manager Specialist
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Full time, Contract, Work from Home
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Active job seeker
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I am a retiring Army officer of 26 years. My ideal job is one that values and recognizes employee contributions and adheres to clearly published vision and mission statements. A job that promotes work-hard/play-hard atmosphere where elbow-grease is rewarded accordingly.


University of Maryland Global Campus
Associates Degree in Liberal Arts; Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Business Administration, 
ETA International
Certified Electronics Technician (CET)
The International Society of Logistics
Laurel, MD
The title "Certified Master Logistician" will be granted to individuals of proven competence in logistics chain management who pass an examination designed to test their broad knowledge of the broad application of logistics chain management Contents of Examination

Part 1 - Systems Management (Concepts of systems and logistics)

Logistics systems and interfaces
Life Cycle process and costing
System evaluation factors
Financial management
Life cycle costing
Return on investment
Management information systems
Logistics planning and management
Proposals, source selection and contract negotiations
Organization for logistics, staffing, directing and controlling
Program management
System hardware and software

Part 2 -
Distribution and Customer Support (Physical supply and distribution)
Role of distribution
Material management, packaging, transportation, warehousing and handling
Materials requirements planning
Maintenance and field engineering
Quality assurance
Technical publications
Training and education
Systems and equipment phase-out
Purchasing and procurement
Reverse logistics
Customer service
Supply Chain Management
Strategic alliances and partnerships
Logistics organizations and human resources activities

Work Experience: 

United States Army, 
Kaiserslautern, Germany
Full time Government/Military
Senior logistician and technical manager in support of a one-star Air Defense Command. Manages diagnostics equipment and tools and coordinates maintenance actions, captures metrics and develop maintenance reports that organize support needs for communications systems and equipment at the G4 and G6 staff level, developing comprehensive reporting products that informed stakeholders of trends, readiness and availability of critical assets across areas of responsibility. Coordinated 3PL requirements in support of personnel across Europe.

Col. Kevin M. Neumann Director G6 +49 172 1085324 kevin.m.neumann.mil@mail.mil
LTC. Ronnard Green (Ret) Director G4 785-766-2469 ronnardgreen@gmail.com
United States Army, 
Fort Drum, NY
Full time Government/Military
Key member of a team of logistics professionals and technical advisor at the G4 and G6 staff level. Coordinated operational and strategic level logistics operations related to movement timelines and supervising deployment operations, evaluating and updating supply and transportation data systems to enhance logistics related programs. Evaluated Property Book Unit Supply (PBUSE) information to make operational recommendations and decisions such as lateral transfers and determine on-hand status to direct property realignment to achieve higher unit readiness rates. SUPERVISION & LEADERSHIP: Provided technical support to five brigades and identified readiness shortcomings in communications systems; liaising with AMCOM, TACOM, CECOM and PEOC3T action officers to create suitable solutions, monitor implementation, and progress. Provided solid guidance and support to decision making stakeholders on all communications related logistical support and policy.

Supervisor: Col. Jeff Schroeder Director J6 324-591-6000 Jeffrey.m.schroeder.mil@mail.mil
United States Army, 
Stuttgart, Germany
Full time Government/Military
Chief of Logistics (S-4) responsible for the daily logistical activities at the Battalion level.
Joint Nuclear operations Center logistician responsible for inventory, storage, and re-supply of 1200 lines of equipment and repair parts maintaining readiness and sustainment of three Air Force strategic satellite-based terminals in two geographical locations. Conducted all necessary routine maintenance actions in accordance with inter-service support requirements and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

LTC. Robert Vitt (Ret) Commander (621) 599-5363 robertvitt@hotmail.com
Senior Logistics Advisor and Program Manager
United States Army, 
Fort Hood, TX
Full time Government/Military
Provide direct maintenance support to all aircraft on avionics related equipment and associated tools which include Aircraft Survivability Equipment (ASE), Aviation Night Vision Imaging Systems (ANVIS). Provided Quality Assurance and Quality Control actions to preempt or resolve systematic problems and perform senior level recommendations on electronic equipment development, procurement, life-cycle replacement, capabilities and limitations.

Language Skills: 

Spanish, English


Logistics Information Warehouse (LOGSA), CHS, Federal Logistics Information Systems (FLIS), ULLS-AE, Diagnostics, Calibrations Equipment (TMDE), innovative thinker, problem solver, Versatile and top-performing manager and teambuilder, strong interpersonal communication skills, ability to deliver results, problem resolution and quality, results-driven, Goal-driven, analytical, performance-focused
system design, SIPR/NIPR, DATA SYSTEMS, Microsoft Office Suite 365, Global Combat Support System-Army (GCSS-A), Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office Suite, SAP