Matt Miller

  • Construction Superintendent | Construction Project Manager
  • Arlington, Texas 76011
  • Jun 05, 2017
Full time Construction / Skilled Trades

Personal Summary

Highly organized and performance-driven professional with extensive experience in construction management. Armed with sound knowledge in controlling complex projects while maintaining positive direction for various teams, including contractors and crews. Expert at identifying problems and providing proper resolutions within strict or specified deadlines. Articulate communicator with bilingual fluency in English and Spanish. Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint); FastTrack; Microsoft Project; and hardware, software, and IT-related applications; combined with excellent typing speed.

Work Experience

Operations Manager – Special Projects
Pure Technologies U.S
  • Exemplified solid leadership and project management expertise in fulfilling the following roles:

    • Project manager in 2010 for a large pipeline inspection project in Hampton Roads, Virginia after joining the company;

    • Regional operations manager for the Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) Inspection Division in Salt Lake City, Utah (2012) and South-Central U.S. Division in Dallas, Texas (2013), which involves coordination of operational needs for various technologies such as MFL;

    • Special projects manager in Miami, Florida, responsible for coordinating operational needs of large projects, which include heavy equipment, subcontractors, and specific safety challenges, while sustaining leadership role on MFL projects (2014); and

    • Contractor on numerous projects, in charge of planning, supervising multiple crews, and completing large diameter steel and ductile iron pipelines inspections.

  • Performed high-level safety planning and supervision of special projects, which involve heavy equipment and multiple subcontractors, enabling assistance on technology leads with safe operational practices development, accomplishing projects within time and budget constraints.

  • Handled previous projects which include inspections of over 30 miles of wastewater pipeline in Virginia; more than 4,000 LF of 24-inch vertical injection wells in Florida; miles of mortar-lined potable water pipeline inspections across South Korea and the United States; and over 40 miles of MFL inspections in Southern California.

  • Oversaw multiple crews for assigned projects across the United States and other countries, including delegation of workloads.

  • Presently function as a contractor on a project basis, thus exited the company as a permanent employee.

Project Manager | Superintendent
KJM Commercial, Inc.
  • Served as project manager, in charge of managing the maintenance of medium to large finish out and new construction projects, while fulfilling site supervisor role and other numerous manual duties, whenever necessary.

  • Drafted contracts, buy-outs, submittals, pay applications, and change orders, along with management of budgets, progress meetings, and schedule.

  • Accomplished project management and on-site supervision in coordination with subcontractors, customers, owners, and the management.

  • Administered projects ranging from $500K to $2M, involving Topaz Power Plant Control Room Modification Project under general contractor Zachary Construction, Corpus Christi, Texas with $500K budget; various Subway Restaurant tenant finish outs and 43-acre State School Sports Complex Project, Corpus Christi, Texas with $1.8M budget; and The Miracle Field Project in 2010, Corpus Christi, Texas with $500K budget.

Project Manager | Superintendent
Teal Construction Company
  • Functioned as superintendent in Houston, Texas office and relocated to Corpus Christi, Texas as project manager and site supervisor.

  • Carried out responsibilities including maintaining medium to large finish-out and new construction projects, along with administration of other different manual tasks needed to fulfill.

  • Successfully completed projects ranging from $500K to $1.7M, which included phase II of the Richard Borchard Fairgrounds Equestrian Arena located in Robstown, Texas under the general contractor Zachary Construction, Corpus Christi, Texas with budget of $1.7 and two warehouses located at Topaz Power plants under general contractor Zachary Industrial, including Barney Davis with budget of $327K and Nueces Bay $403K.