Fred Woodard

  • Manager | Supervisor
  • Carmi, Illinois 62821
  • May 28, 2017
Full time Management Manufacturing / Production

Personal Summary

Multifaceted, seasoned, and safety-oriented professional with extensive experience in manufacturing and production management. Strategic leader, expert at developing solutions to organizational issues while guiding high-performing teams to improve productivity, increase reliability, and ensure operational efficiency. Equipped with excellent interpersonal and communication aptitudes, with the capability to establish and maintain constructive relationships with all levels of professionals. Armed with keen attention to detail and well-defined analytical, problem-solving, and management aptitudes in maintaining the highest level of quality.

Work Experience

Production Superintendent
DSM Engineering Plastics
  • Provided expert oversight to more than 60 production and warehouse personnel on the execution of production and logistics schedule in accordance with SHE, quality, and efficiency expectations

  • Fulfilled various duties such as supporting plant safety initiatives, promoting safety in daily operations, and performing all quality system procedures and requirements

  • Assisted in using continuous improvement methodology and tools, such as define, measure, analyze, improve, and control (DMAIC); 5S; quick changeover; root cause analysis (RCA); and visual management

  • Managed resources for to satisfy the demands of planned work schedule

  • Maintained active involvement in daily production meetings for SHE deviations and quality concerns on ‘first time right’ and production losses

  • Presided over the training of operators on safety, quality, and process topics

  • Provided contributions by proposing changes on standard operating procedures

  • Collaborated with incoming superintendent in providing fault diagnosis on all relevant production issues and report breakdowns, building issues, and any personal actions needed, which included logistics supply for relevant operations

  • Efficiently interface with engineers and safety manager in understanding and validating all safety integrity level (SIL) classifications of plant as well as any management of change

  • Drove all efforts in ensuring the completion of safety inspection checks on the Production Department in accordance with schedule, as well as the validation of dust systems

  • Investigated the root cause of failures in equipment processes and procedures, as well as training aspects

  • Administered in the completion and review of risk analysis, such as hazard and operability study (HAZOP), machine safety analyses (MSAs), and job hazard analyses (JHAs)

  • Ensured compliance with ISO procedures in calibrating equipment, implementing and monitoring 5S activities, and fostering environment of continuous improvement within a team atmosphere

  • Generated personnel work schedules and arrange vacation request in compliance with union rules and company policies; validated and approved time cards and issue work violation counseling sheets; and interview potential hires

Notable Accomplishments:

  • Reduced scrap and reworks, as well as eliminated problems on rework process through maintenance of key operating parameters (KOPs) on operating window and collaboration with operators in establishing ‘first time right’ behavior

  • Played a vital role as a member of Emergency Response Team in conducting audits safety drills

Industrial Mechanic Grade A
AmeriQual Group LLC
  • Organized kitchens, machines, and pack lines for production in a timely and safe manner

  • Modified equipment per quality control requirements to ensure correct customer products

  • Facilitated training of new employees and other maintenance personnel on equipment safety, changes, and modifications for production improvement

  • Executed periodic maintenance on equipment for proper operating status to operators

  • Rendered effectual support on other mechanics and covers line calls to maintain the highest levels of production

  • Offered high level of assistance on equipment modifications by evaluating changes and recommending improvements to supervision

Heavy Vehicle Mechanic
ManTech International
  • Served as site hazardous waste and safety officer, in charge of moving and redesigning chemical material storage area in accordance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) as well as local laws

  • Presided over site safety audits and briefings, safety products installation and maintenance, and inspection program creation for employees to sustain safe work practices

  • Expertly handled hydraulic and electromagnetic automatic lift mechanisms in adjusting truck remote robotic vehicle, seats, and tops

  • Displayed expertise in repairing and replacing defective ball joint suspension, brake shoes, and wheel bearings, as well as truck cooling systems and fuel tanks

Factory Mechanic
  • Observed strict compliance with safety and standard operating procedures in measuring, drilling, organizing, cutting, bending, and smoothening materials for proper fit and clearance of parts

  • Exemplified superior talents in understanding and interpreting blueprints, illustrations, and specifications for the identification of layout and sequence of operations, as well as relationship of parts

  • Analyzed systems and assemblies to guarantee functional performance by adjusting, repairing, and replacing malfunction units and parts

  • Scrutinized parts to determine defects and ensure conformance with specifications through the use of precision measuring instruments

  • Leveraged skills in disassembling machinery and equipment to repair parts

  • Worked closely with operators in observing, testing, and evaluating operation of machinery and equipment to identify causes of malfunction

  • Demonstrated proficiency in changing oil, checking batteries, repairing tires and tubes, and overhauling electrical wiring and components of machinery

  • Held full responsibility in documenting repairs and maintenance performed; recording codes and instructions to program computer-controlled machinery; cleaning and lubricating parts, equipment, and machinery; and conducting tested-runs on repaired machinery and equipment for verification of adequacy of repairs


Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) Family of Vehicles Maintenance Train the Trainer Heavy Tactical Vehicle Repair and Modification
MRAP University
General safety and Fire Prevention of Chemical Storage Waste Identification, Classification, and Disposal Methods
DynCorp Hazardous Waste Management
Refrigerant Recovery and Recycling Program