Olga Arimont

  • Operation Manager
  • Brooklyn, New York 11205
  • May 25, 2017
Full time Financial Services

Personal Summary

Hands-on and goal-oriented Operations Professional with extensive experience in banking operations, encompassing fund and wire transfer, cash management positioning, and check processing (disbursements and deposits). Armed with excellent interpersonal and communication skills in cultivating relationships with professionals of diverse levels including junior and senior staff. Technically proficient with Microsoft Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint and Excel).

Work Experience

Associate- Operations Manager

- Direct supervision of team consisting of five employees and two consultants
- Administer finances of client and firm accounts as well as process checks and wire disbursements, receipts, and Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions.
- Facilitate intra-departmental cross-training of employees to orient them with job duties.
- Spearhead team in charge of receiving and processing incoming and outgoing client checks.
- Implement operational objectives and work plans while assigning duties to associates and subordinate managers.
- Ensure all activities are processed within defined processing standards and with strict adherence to prescribed cut-off time and service level agreements.
- Conduct semi-annual staff reviews and year-end appraisals.
- Acted as consultant (for development) and as pilot for newly implemented applications to improve department efficiencies and minimize risks.

- Perform systematic assessment of files, records, and other documents to acquire information and quickly response to requests.
- Designate tasks to various associates; assign staff to projects; track progress; as well as update all managers, partners, and clients, as necessary.
- Assume responsibility in conducting wire transfers, stop payments, and account transfers.
- Guarantee prompt response to all Audit points, close and timely follow-up on all action points and provide prompt response to all Processing questions.

- Manage people and set expectation of business goals, as well as service level delivery.
- Direct stake holder management, employee attrition, and retention.
- Lead training, development, and coaching of employees to analyze performance gaps, implement action plan, and improve performance, which include motivation by motivating team and managing conflicts.
- Supervise people and processes, as well as service level agreement to achieve goal.

Wire Transfer Specialist/Cash Management

- Guarantee trading desk was provided with timely and accurate Funds Control position figures at all times, while acting as liaison between Payment Services, the Trading Group and Back Office
- Manage, monitor, and maintain the money position of bank and report to Delaware Treasury team.
- Fund or drawdown firm account in accordance with firm regulations.
- Oversee Receive Section operations, responsible for qualifying incoming funds, reconciling customers, anticipating receipts against actual funds, and executing all necessary exception reporting.
- Monitor and record all large intra-day activity as received/released including ACH, incoming wire activity wires out, checks received/disbursed and bank deposit.

- Verify balances left in correspondent accounts are in accordance with firm mandates.
- Review compliance stopped payments and messages for potential violation.
- Work closely with account officers to ensure customer's payment issues are handled in timely manner.
- Conduct intra-day system proofs within same day investigations.
- Hold responsibility in processing end of day proof and reconciliations.
- Supervise daily funds transfer, funds control, and check processing units that are responsible for all funds transfers and check clearing activities through local clearing system.
- Lead processing of incoming and outgoing payments within high-volume and deadline-specific environment, as well as wire recalls, amendments, and returns of funds.
- Responsible for approval and releasing customer and firm funding wires.
- Supervise daily USD and foreign currency payment workflow processing mainly via CHIPS, Federal Reserve Wire Network (Fed wire), and book transfer procedures.
- Manage research of incoming funds in suspense account and journal suspense items to client’s corresponding account.

- Guarantee all payments are properly accomplished in timely manner based on deadlines and cutoffs and applicable authorizations.
- Monitor Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) balance each day to report to Treasury, as well as items held for compliance or Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) review.
- Validate all positions are in agreement and attest to real-time balances.

- Conduct authenticity review and check completeness of manual payment orders.
- Hold accountability in deleting wires as requested, verifying authorized signatures, and applying client incoming funds.
- Handle daily manual processing of ACH credits, as well as of returning of undeposited checks and confirming valid deposits through RemitPro, Teller Express and Lockbox systems.
- Utilized firm applications (JPM Access and Mainframe) to research and respond to client inquiries and in processing stop payments and void requests.

- Earned promotion as Associate in JPMorgan Clearing Corp and was appointed as manager.


Master of Business Administration, In Progress
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, In Progress
Associate of Applied Science in Accountancy