Pressman, Folder Operator, Bindery

Mihail Tzolov resume photo
Mihail Tzolov
St John, IN

Job Preferences: 

Desired job title: 
Pressman, Folder Operator, Bindery
Desired occupation: 
Offset Printing, Folder Operator, Bindery Operator
Employment type: 
Full time
Career status: 
Active job seeker
Available to start: 


Pedagogic Institute - Shumen, Bulgaria
Bachelor's Degree, Music Pedagogy, 
National Conservatory - Sofia, Bulgaria

Work Experience: 

Lead Offset Pressman
Vigil Printing
* Collect and inspect random samples during print runs to identify any necessary adjustments
* Start presses and pull proofs to check for ink coverage and density, alignment, and registration
* Change press plates, blankets, or cylinders, as required
* Clean or oil presses or make minor repairs, using hand tools
* Set up or operate auxiliary equipment, such as cutting, folding, platemaking, drilling, or laminating machines
* Make decisions and solve problems
* Communicate with supervisors, peers, and subordinates
* Handle and move objects
* Monitor processes, materials, and surroundings
* Coordinate the work and activities of direct reports
* Experience with: adjustable wrenches, Allen wrenches, collating equipment, cutting equipment, folding equipment, laminating machines, laminators, multicolor presses, offset printing equipment, offset printing plate processing equipment, paper folders, platemaking equipment, sheetfed presses, shrink wrap machines, stapling machines, stitching equipment

Language Skills: 

English, Russian, Polish, Bulgarian


DPM, TLS, stamp, tab, Neopost, Mailcrafters 6, Packall, Shrinkwrap System, Challenge Titan