Christina Hunt

  • Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety Consultant
  • Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17109
  • May 22, 2017
Full time Healthcare

Personal Summary

Analytical, results-driven, and multifaceted professional, with progressive career within the healthcare industry as evidenced through numerous leadership roles handled; combined with comprehensive knowledge of 508 compliance honed from CMS federal subcontract experience.

Expert in consultation and planning; patient safety management, healthcare quality improvement; policies and procedures development; and project management. Skilled at streamlining clinical operations and processes, while increasing efficiency; as well as directing staff toward superior performance, while ensuring compliance with established guidelines and evidence-based best practices. Equipped with effective communication, interpersonal, and collaborative aptitudes essential in coordinating with healthcare professionals to consistently deliver and implement exceptional patient care.

Work Experience

Director of Collaborative Programs
Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority

Healthcare Administration

  • Assume accountability in coordinating activities of Hospital Engagement Network (HEN) 2.0 and Hospital Improvement Innovation Network (HIIN) subcontract within state-wide hospital as well as Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania (HAP).

  • Conduct research on education and training needs for each statewide collaborative and healthcare associated infection.

  • Facilitate presentation and provide education on various topics, including:

  • Falls Prevention

  • Wrong-Site Surgery Prevention

  • Healthcare Associated Infection Prevention

  • Importance of Safety and Culture

  • Teamstepps®

  • Nurse Leader’s Role in Patient Safety and Communication

  • Teamwork

  • PDSA

  • Communication

  • Who we are

  • Data Management

  • Human Factors

  • MRSA

  • MDRO

  • Time-Out/Wrong-site surgery

  • Retained surgical objects

  • Patient Safety Culture

  • Why Reporting Matters

  • Crew Resource Management


  • Specific collaborative material presentations (e.g. 508 compliance training)

  • Crew Resource Management and RCA/FMEA

Project and Program Management

  • Lead the development and implementation of HIIN federal subcontract project designs for falls, adverse drug events (ADEs), diagnostic error, and culture, in collaboration with project managers.

  • Render oversight to HEN 2.0 and HIIN and work closely with project managers to ensure timely completion of project within contract requirements and budget.

  • Create and manage collaborative project designs, timelines, and budget, while evaluating the effectiveness of collaborative programs.

Collaborative Partnership

  • Display competency in creating and evaluating grant proposals, interagency agreements, and other applications in support of collaborative and partnership opportunities.

  • Devise operating procedures for collaborations and potential collaborative opportunities.

  • Provide assistance in assessing advisory articles.

  • Prepare and present collaborative proposals and results to the board.

  • Partner with Infection Prevention Analyst Team with the establishment of Authority infection prevention plan.

  • Build strong relationship with the Pennsylvania Department of Health (PA DOH) and other healthcare organizations.

Cross-functional Leadership

  • Consult with regional, statewide, and national quality improvement and patient safety organizations.

  • Play a key role in research grant opportunities for collaborative programs

  • Handle performance evaluation of the infection prevention analysts and contribute in the development of the strategic plan.

  • Took charge of coordinating and writing annual report.

Senior Patient Safety Liaison
Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority

Healthcare Administration

  • Planned and organized educational sessions with hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, abortion facilities, and birthing centers.

  • Oversaw and coordinated activities in 104 facilities across the South Central region.

Project and Program Management

  • Collaborated with facilities to significantly enhance patient safety program and share patient safety policies and procedures

  • Introduced the use of the Patient Safety Knowledge Exchange (PassKey).

Staff Supervision and Training

  • Supervised patient safety liaisons.

  • Led local and regional training on the use of the PA-PSRS.

Collaborative Partnership

  • Offered hands-on support on statewide collaborations and formulated strategic ideas for future collaborations, while presenting collaborative ideas and results to the board.

  • Efficiently administered the statewide falls collaboration for HAP PA HEN 1.0 contract with 80 hospitals participants that decreased falls with harm in project hospitals.

  • Collaborated with contractors in the establishment of a falls reporting program in the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Reporting System (PA-PSRS).

  • Established positive relationship with contractual entities, such as ECRI, ISMP, HAP and HP.

Cross-functional Leadership

  • Developed and chaired a bimonthly national HEN falls team leader call that was held every other month that encouraged project managers to share knowledge and exchange ideas on how to reduce falls with harm.

Clinical Performance Improvement Coordinator
Holy Spirit Hospital

Healthcare Administration

  • Displayed strong analytical skills in evaluating data from various internal and external sources, such as Atlas, Joint Commission, PHC4, ACC, SMS, decision support, infection control, clinical resource management, and finance.

  • Conferred with medical executive committee and board on the approval of new policies and procedures for the hospital.

  • Designed tools and strategies for quality improvement and patient safety in conjunction with physician and nursing staff.

  • Effectively defined performance improvement and regulatory information to physician, nursing, and other hospital staff.

  • Demonstrated strong knowledge of performance improvement methods, tools, and statistical process control and data analysis in instituting and maintaining reliable clinical processes, outcomes, and evidence-based best practices.

Project and Program Management

  • Drafted policies and protocols to ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines, while maintaining patient safety.

  • Efficiently managed assigned national projects, including Institute of Health Improvement and National Quality Forum.

  • Developed the foundation for continuous quality improvement by staff on hospital-wide fully integrated quality program.

Collaborative Partnership

  • Worked closely with performance improvement teams to drive different regulatory and patient safety initiatives.

  • Rendered assistance in setting the quality priorities and handled exemplified leadership skills toward achievement of goals.

Cross-functional Leadership

  • Guided nursing units in executing audits to closely track measures for regulatory compliance.


Master of Science in Nursing and Business Administration and Health Care Management
University of Phoenix
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Penn State University
General Studies in Nursing
Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC)
Diploma in Nursing
Geisinger School of Nursing