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  • Process Improvement Specialist
  • Laurel, Maryland 20723, United States
  • Apr 03, 2017
Full time Financial Services Management

Personal Summary

Multifaceted, innovative, and goal-focused professional, equipped with excellent management, leadership, and customer service skills. Successful at handling and completing diverse informal projects while ensuring on-time and under-budget delivery. Performance-driven and effective leader, with the ability to guide and motivate cross-functional teams toward the achievement of organizational goals and improvement of operations efficiency and productivity. Adept at building positive working relationship with all levels of professionals; multitasking in a fast-paced environment; and addressing and resolving complex issues in a timely manner.

Work Experience

Production Lead
Nov 2016 - Apr 2017 RapidAdvance
  • Assume full responsibility in identifying and addressing opportunity for efficiency and quality improvement, as well as developing, recommending, and implementing plans to resolve efficiency and quality issues and opportunities for Operations Team

  • Direct and coordinate daily production of each underwriter and deals process of underwriting pipeline to ensure deals are resolved efficiently

  • Cultivate coaching relationships with the Underwriting Team for high level of member engagement and accountability, as well as production maximization

  • Support team members in interpreting and analyzing complex personal and business financial documents, including tax returns, commercial leases, profit and loss, balance sheets, and bank and cash flow statements

  • Suggest and execute corrective action on challenges by identifying and analyzing positive and negative trends, as well as determining the root cause

  • Efficiently work with team members and leaders across the organization in providing timely and relevant updates to ensure positive interaction with clients and partners

  • Offer high level of assistance to department head in developing and implementing underwriting production strategies, policy, and procedure changes to fulfill of business objectives

  • Render effectual support to onboarding new team members on workstation preparation

  • Closely interface with the leadership team to ensure high-quality and efficient workflow and communication among Underwriting, Processing, and Funding departments

  • Play as a key contributor in evaluating and addressing inquiries and concerns of other teams and external parties and vendors

Key Highlight:

  • Escalated company‚Äôs productivity by more than 50% with 95% efficiency rate within 90 days

Operations Trainer (Project Leader)
Jul 2015 - Nov 2016 RapidAdvance
  • Acted as onboarding leader for new hire employees on six operations departments

  • Demonstrated proficiency in developing, planning, directing, implementing, and facilitating training program and materials to cultivate CBT vendor relationship, recognize bottlenecks on process, and integrate improvement on training program

  • Oversaw employee performance to determine if employee needed training and modified individual training plan for performance improvement

  • Facilitated cross training program for new hire employees of other departments

  • Developed online learning modules and review training material from a variety of vendors and select materials with appropriate content.

  • Provided oversight to operations strategic plan to improve operations in Bethesda and Detroit

  • Completed training in six different departments within three months to develop training program

  • Built a comprehensive training infrastructure including testing, presentations, and CBT training, as well as all related materials

Key Highlights:

  • Made significant contribution to the achievement of 100% graduation rate through performance tracking, individual feedback, and milestone celebrations

  • Initiated the creation and implementation of new quality control standards across all operations, which produced career path and restructured work flow

Business Manager
May 2012 - May 2015 RapidAdvance
  • Streamlined the daily management of start-up bookkeeping and income tax preparation business with $250K peak revenues

  • Fulfilled frontline manager duties, including office growth, leadership, training and development, and compliance education

  • Drove efforts in hiring, improving, and encouraging a team of 15 commissioned-paid employees

  • Created and governed organizational policies and best practices

  • Held responsibility in developing and implementing budget, creating financial report, preparing payroll, conducting tax filings, and generating marketing strategies and inbound revenue

Key Highlights:

  • Expanded client base by 86% within three years though implementation of marketing strategy project, which involved social media and innovative customer service efforts

  • Gained commendation for increasing sales by 500% through competitor differentiation and exceptional customer service, such as customer transportation

  • Expertly handled the selection and hiring of employees matching the organizational culture of excellence, hard work, exceptional customer service, and projecting professionalism, which maximized the performance of company

Team Manager
Jul 1999 - May 2012 Bank of America
  • Led and trained a team of 25 customer service and collections specialist in matrix organizational call center

  • Controlled budget for payroll worth $950K and annual revenue generation of $720M

  • Took charge of strategy development, customer engagement, process improvement, and project management

Key Highlights:

  • Increased favorability by 7% through facilitation of morale metric project

  • Pioneered the development and implementation of call efficiency project, which increased call efficiency and reduced customer wait times by 50%

  • Served as driving force in the successful accomplishment of $2.4M on recovered revenue through mentorship, formulation of strategy, and observation of progress

  • Exceeded 12.5% on recovery metric, which generated $67.5M per month, through effectual team handling and celebration of milestones


Master of Business Administration
University of Phoenix Beachwood Learning Center
Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications
Norfolk State University