Hyland Johnson

  • Logistic Management Analyst
  • Douglasville, Georgia 30135
  • Jan 23, 2018
Full time Transportation / Warehouse

Personal Summary

Highly accomplished, detail-oriented, and results-driven professional offering comprehensive experience in all facets of supply chain operations and logistics administration.

Armed with in-depth knowledge of Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), HAZMAT Management System (HMMS), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards, Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS), Lean Six Sigma methodologies, and federal and Middle East logistics regulations. Adept at creating and implementing innovative solutions to streamline operations and achieve organizational objectives. Equipped with exceptional communication and interpersonal aptitudes in establishing strong rapport with colleagues and professionals of all levels; capable of working within fast-paced settings without compromising performance and results. Holding a current Active Secret Security Clearance.

Work Experience

Transportation Coordinators–Automated Information for Movement Systems-II (TC-AIMS-II) Operator
Fluor Government Group
  • Direct the movement control support operations across 20 countries in the United States Central Command in Afghanistan

  • Serve as liaison between the United States military and civilian institutions in organizing and implementing critical air and sea missions in Afghanistan, Dubai, Kuwait, and neighboring Middle East countries

  • Effectively control 50 missions weekly, positioning more than $80M of military and civilian equipment including 30,000 tons of baggage in over 10,000 missions

  • Administer supplies and equipment movement by efficiently uploading information on radio frequency identification data (RFID) tags while facilitating trainings based on clients’ request

  • Function as subject matter expert in all facets of asset management, as well as movement plan, coordination, and execution allowing consistent and dependable customer service while cultivating long-term relationships with military and civilian institutions

  • Display in-depth knowledge of logistics support requirements and program objectives while examining relationship of logistics programs and establishing, planning, and implementing specialized logistics functions

  • Formulate short- and long-term plans to develop and achieve the company objectives; maintain active involvement in work products peer reviews; and gather form requirements specifications ensuring accurate requirements interpretation

  • Utilize comprehensive qualitative and quantitative methods in analyzing and establishing planning procedures to improve the quality and efficiency of complex logistics requests and supply needs

  • Expertly manage and prioritize workflow optimizing productivity and efficiency to achieve critical deadlines while integrating separate functions within a cohesive logistics program

  • Work closely with customer representatives to gather feedback regarding quality and program usage

Career Highlights

  • Developed procedures by suggesting optimal usage of available resources according to results of administrative studies, ongoing evaluation of work processes and procedures, and assessment of corrective actions

  • Boosted client satisfaction through evaluation of efficient logistic operations and identification of possible resolution for issues

  • Streamlined workflow and procedures by keenly managing shipping documents and reports, as well as arranging cargo freights

  • Made significant contributions in the successful coordination and implementation of more than 5,000 redeployment missions within the Continental United States (CONUS)

Hazardous Waste Disposer
Warner Robins Air Force Base (AFB)
  • Directed all facets of operations which included ordering, inspecting, identifying storage, and transporting hazardous and non-hazardous materials to ensure full regulatory compliance

  • Initiated safe handling and storage of regular and top-priority materials by maintaining high level of inventory control

  • Conducted damage, deterioration, and defects inspections on all materials obtained from warehouse, contractor, and the Defense Reutilization Marketing Office (DRMO) while keeping accurate quantity of stock levels through accurate inventory counts and thorough data management

  • Performed in-depth examinations of logistics practices, policies, and procedures while recommending increments, modifications, and deletions

  • Offered keen oversight to facilities, services, and material support of hazardous materials incidents for a base population of over 25,500 by employing exceptional knowledge of hazardous chemicals and materials, occupational safety and health administration (OSHA) standards, and logistics management principles

  • Earned authorizations and acted on behalf of leadership in charge of determining supply items acceptability in compliance with established procedures

  • Guaranteed overall specialized equipment maintenance and calibration in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications and safety and security guidelines ensuring a safe and effective working environment

  • Regularly assessed current logistics policies, practices, and performances based on requirements while suggesting additions, deletions, and alterations as needed

  • Keenly administered inventory counts for all materials by reconciling information compared to current documentation and HAZMAT Management System (HMMS) data

  • Efficiently coordinated needs through verbal and written mediums to various staff from entry-level to executive and brought escalated issues to the higher authority as necessary

Career Highlights

  • Exemplified expertise in Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and Hazardous Materials Management System (HMMT) resulting in safe procurement, storage, and disposal of hazardous materials (HAZMAT)

  • Drove operations improvements by proactively participating in Lean Six Sigma events and suggesting mitigations and modification procedures

Logistics Coordinator
DynCorp International
  • Gathered, authenticated, and processed over 2,500 transportation movement requests (TMRs), joint movement requests (JMRs), and air movement requests (AMRs) for staff and equipment transition, origination, and termination, in collaboration with the Movement Control Team (MCT) assigned in FOBS in Afghanistan, Germany, Iraq, Kuwait, and Pakistan including military installations in the United States

  • Oversaw the implementation of overall ground and air logistics operations for Camp Stone, Herat, and Afghanistan

  • Identified location and availability of stock including client inquiries by utilizing DOD automated supply systems

  • Worked collaboratively with the 5th Special Forces Group and the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) in developing cataloging procedures, which included directives, manuals, procedures, and several combinations of program support for Special Forces Operations missions throughout the theater of operations in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

  • Assumed responsibility in overseeing more than 5 personnel to ensure proper movement and tracking of materials with their designated locations

  • Acted as a focal point of contact regarding all logistics operations in charge of daily operations and overall supply chain services which included inventory management, such as receiving, stocking, issuing, and shipping goods

  • Guaranteed transportation security by efficiently managing logistics communication with military headquarters and detachments, regions, and multiple associates

  • Managed the logistics coordination with military headquarters and detachments, regions, and multiple associates to guarantee transportation security

  • Maintained active involvement in post-meetings with high-ranking military officials and effectively collaborated with Base HQ, Entry Control Points, and Major Commands (MAJCOMs)

  • Took full charge of conducting regular scheduled and unscheduled inspections along with inventory maintenance ensuring on-time response

Career Highlights

  • Enhanced movement control processes by formulating standard operating procedures and coordinating ground and air logistics operations implementations

  • Accelerated high-visibility cargo in collaboration with the Theater Backhaul Team and Central Receiving and Shipping Point (CRSP) staff and collaborated with AIMS II coordinators in streamlining and enhancing operations.

  • Exhibited paramount efforts in modernizing and restoring facility conditions and requirements for the Central Receiving and Shipping Point (CRSP) by setting priorities and determining workflows

Logistics Coordinator
KBR, Inc.
  • Worked collaboratively with the following individuals and teams:

  • Theater Backhaul Team to accelerate the movement of high-visibility cargo;

  • TC-AIMS II coordinators to seamlessly improve cargo nomenclature; and

  • CRSP personnel to transport thousands of 20- and 40-foot containers using integrated booking system/container management module (IBS-CMM);

  • Military and civilian personnel to guarantee transportation support in adherence to Army Multi-National Corps–Iraq

  • Air load planners and MCT air on all flights and assisted in formulating schedules

  • Provided keen oversight to all facets of transportation support with AMRs and JMRs for validation and process of TMRs, passenger and port operations, baggage, cargos, and joint inspections, while maintaining in-transit visibility (ITV)

  • Broadened technical knowledge of global transportation network (GTN), global decision support system (GDSS), global air transportation execution system (GATES), automated air load planning system (AALPS), and single mobility system (SMS)

  • Rendered outstanding exercise, emergency, and contingency support; as well as recommendations of actions for the Logistics Civil Augmentation Program (LOGCAP)

  • Conducted verification and processing of multiple TMRs from 20 United States Army and United States Marine Corps MCTs daily for the Highway Traffic Division in 719 Transportation Battalion, 316 Sustainment Command (Expeditionary), and Logistics Support Area Anaconda HQ

  • Steered efforts in controlling the loading and unloading of aircraft while operating automated and manual material handling and loading equipment

  • Complied with reporting guidelines regarding all railroad rules and Federal Railroad Administration regulations for safety operations

  • Collaborated closely with the Air Force entity in Balad Airbase in Afghanistan

  • Demonstrated experience in United States Air Force aircraft and logistics management

Career Highlights

  • Functioned as the company representative in provisional meetings and briefings, providing expert evaluation and keen oversight of possible changes, process improvements, and new automation utilization, thereby improving program operations efficiency

  • Boosted performance and achieved productivity objectives and important deadlines by strategically prioritizing and efficiently managing workflows

  • Served as a driving force behind the successful accident mitigation and workplace safety and compliance development by actively administering health and safety guidelines


Master of Science in Transportation and Logistics Management
American Public University
Bachelor of Science in Transportation and Logistics Management
American Public University