Safiullah Khan

  • IT profession
  • Toronto, Ontario Canada M4B 1B6
  • Dec 14, 2017
Full time Information Technology

Personal Summary

Multifaceted, detail-oriented  and  technically-inclined  IT professional;  well-versed in providing solution  on  SAP  and non-SAP  Business  Systems,  IT  infrastructure  IMAC-D  services  and  data  center  operations  and  management; pursuing a senior level position to effectively utilize more than 14 years of industry experience in planning, designing  and  implementing.  Utilizing  various  SAP  and  Non-SAP  products  that  brought  necessary  changes  toward  the efficiency  and  productivity  of  data  center  operations  and  IT  infrastructure  IMAC-D  services.  Armed  with  proven  expertise  in  managing  multimillion-dollar  project  from  inception  to  completion  and  delivery  in  accordance  with  client environment and requirements.  Strategic leader with well-honed mentoring capabilities; adept at motivating and  guiding  cross-functional  teams  and  individuals  to  achieve  and  exceed  organizational  goals.  Articulate communicator  and  effective  relationship  manager;  with  excellent  ability  in  collaborating  with  all  levels  of organization to identify business opportunities and needs, as well as secure business transactions.

Work Experience

Consultant, Senior Administrator, Administrator

Employ advanced subject matter knowledge of complex business issues in IT such as general and SAP, that
focus on solutions to support multiple domains and multiple processes
 Act as a representative of the IT Infrastructure and SAP Technical Division on internal and external audits of
regulatory bodies and product licensors annually in alignment with business agreements and regulatory
 Stay abreast of IT landscapes and lifecycles with focus on SAP solutions during transitions, implementations
and operations phases for cloud, standalone and hybrid
 Instigate and oversee processes to drive internal teams, provide relief for business area facing critical situations
and minimize the risk of core business interruption in production down or go live endangered situations
 Act as a de-escalation liaison, in charge of collaborating with the Mission Critical Support Back Office, Mission
Control Center and any other parties involved
 Plan, design and provide assistance on IT infrastructure installation, move, add, change and disposal (IMAC-D)
services and data center operations
 Take charge of Data Center Capacity and Planning Management, Inventory Management and Asset Management
 Develop business applications licensing model for organization toward cost-effectiveness and efficient
utilization of business applications based on SAP portfolio, while managing SAP Technical and IT Infrastructure
divisions in executing IT projects
 Work with the Business Area, Business Applications, IT Security, SAP Security and IT Operations teams, as well
as with implementation partners on project planning, management and coordination for the execution of the
implementation, migration, upgrade and support projects
 Set strategic direction to the SAP Technical / IT Infrastructure and Data Center Operations Division by
coordinating with SAP MENA and respective IT infrastructure and data center business partners; including
account managers of SAP and respective IT infrastructure partners for better utilization of SAP products, as well
as with the IT Infrastructure Division for the implementation, migration, upgrade and respective projects
 Render support on mission critical business operations, such as SAP and other business applications, IT
infrastructure and data center operations
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 Generate cost-effective initiatives with maximum value addition to business operations by guaranteeing
appropriateness, compliance, completeness of the business solution
 Administer and sustain vendor agreements by meeting the proactive support requirements of IT systems
 Presided over meetings on product offering and roadmap for the introduction of new functionality and
technological enhancements to the organization, which impacted the business operations in utili zing SAP and
other business applications
 Thoroughly analyzed impact assessments of change requests to guarantee proper identification and mitigation
of all risks and impacts, as well as enable the decision making based on sound facts
 Maintained active involvement in quality management reviews, business systems and processes evaluation, as
well as designs, prototypes and other work products to ensure fulfillment of business requirements
 Observed strict compliance with the IT best practices and standards in implementing SAP within a production
data center
 Provided required project(s) and go-live support for SAP and non-SAP-solutions based on SAP Business Suite
on SAP HANA and traditional database products within multiplatform environments for the multiple full
implementation life cycles across SAP technical and IT infrastructure divisions
 Demonstrated proficiency in interpreting technical solution, products and technologies to support SAP
implementations, migrations and upgrades for SAP products
 Exemplified technical aptitudes in creating and managing SAP and hardware technical implementation of data
center contingency cluster spanning and storage area network (SAN) based on Microsoft Windows, Linux and
SAP HANA platforms
 Handled the deployments and design of virtualized environments based on VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V
for SAP and non-SAP business systems
 Led the implementation and delivery of rack-mounted and blade servers, SAN systems based on dynamic
tiering including thin and thick provisioning, local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN),
multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) networks, data management, software and storage based replication,
cross-site volume mirroring, VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V environments, enterprise backup solutions and
SAP HANA appliances based on standalone and high-availability environments
 Devised and handled databases for SAP and non-SAP systems, such as SAP HANA, Microsoft SQL Server in
accordance with standalone and high-availability environments, including IBM Db2 LUW 9.x and 10.1, as well
as Oracle 9.x and 11.x releases
 Exhibited competencies in developing, implementing and modifying project plan for the fulfillment of projects’
changing needs and requirements


Master of Business Administration with Specialization in International Business Management and Project Management
Sam Higginbottom Institute of Agriculture, Technology and Sciences (SHIATS)
Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications
SICOT Computers
Bachelor of Commerce in Computer Science
Osmania University
Computer Science and Engineering in Intermediate Study (10+2)
Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education