Clarence Fuller

  • Enterprise Architect | Solution Architect
  • Las Vegas, Nevada 89161
  • Dec 07, 2017
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Personal Summary

Seasoned, results-driven, and innovative professional, offering broad-based experience in enterprise architecture and solution delivery; complemented with proven expertise in leading information technology, project management, and architecture services operations within corporate organizations and federal government settings.

Known for proven success in a wide range of technology initiatives focused on streamlining technical operations and services, while ensuring organizational profitability and steady growth. Adept at designing enterprise solutions, evaluating business processes and systems requirements, as well as identifying and resolving operational issues. Effective at building rapport and collaborating with business stakeholders and professionals from all levels to achieve business targets. Proficient with CA Rally, Atlassian JIRA, and similar tooling.

Work Experience

Micro-service Architect and Coach
AT&T / Infosys
  • Provided technical advice and approaches toward implementation of a micro-service centric solution for new integrated offers platform, including product catalog, offers, promotions, quotes, order capture, order fulfillment, billing, revenue assurance, and compliance.

  • Contributed key efforts in the development of artifacts describing a conceptual model of micro-services through the use of the hexagonal / ports and adapter pattern.

  • Develop SAFe Enabler capabilities and features which involved incremental deployment, integrated logging framework, audit and balance controls framework, and integrated test data management.

  • Researched and reported on techniques to ensure the consistency and integrity of information across the fleet of micro-services, and utilizing fine-grained security tokens to support a zero-trust environment.

Solution Architecture
T-Mobile / Allied Informatics
  • Formulated solution architectures for a broad range of projects and defined solutions for capital planning and review.

  • Leadership role in the implementation of SAFe /Agile techniques and ceremonies to align the features, user stories, and nonfunctional requirements (NFRs) supporting Sprints.

  • Collaborated with T-Mobile management to drive organizational performance improvement.

  • Defined T-Mobile’s comprehensive micro-services architecture, including interpretation of the critical characteristics of a micro-service, the methods used for specifications of individual micro-services as well as determination of the complete set of micro-services needed to support the daily operations of the ship-to channels.

  • Summarized the anatomy of a micro-service by employing concepts from domain-driven design, theory of constraints, and fact-based modeling techniques.

  • Spearheaded the development of high-level solution designs (HLSD), high-level architectures (HLA), and solution overviews for over 100 projects in support of T Mobile’s strategic initiatives focused on enhancing their ability to advance in all segments of the evolving postpaid markets, the burgeoning prepaid markets, and using their LTE network to provide market leading offerings.

Principal Consultant/Enterprise Architecture Practice / EA, BPM, and SOA Specialist
  • Provided services in determining and setting architecture best practices for comprehensive enterprise architecture offering.