Bryan Wheeler

  • Senior Data/Business Analyst
  • Roanoke, Virginia 24016
  • Nov 14, 2017
Full time Business Services Financial Services

Personal Summary

Methodical, multifaceted, and results-driven professional with extensive experience in process solutions development, information system administration, and programming analysis. Equipped with proven track record of success in enhancing patient payment collections, optimizing employee productivity, providing exceptional services, and streamlining processes. Expert in billing system integration, technical information presentation, and system testing and installation. Highly capable of working within stressful and critical environments without compromising the quality of work and performance. Equipped with articulate communication and interpersonal aptitudes in establishing strong rapport with professionals at all levels

Work Experience

Senior Reporting and Business Analyst
Arriva Medical
  • Effectively manage high-level reporting analytics for the Reimbursement, Customer Service, and Executive departments

  • Create process solutions based on identified process deficiency that needs correction using numerous applications, as well as standalone process solutions in alignment with business needs and changes in the industry

  • Serve as go-to person in troubleshooting process as needed

  • Strategically develop the following:

  • Custom reporting for productivity which involves linking of incongruent systems to obtain the most accurate agent productivity;

  • Mid-level and agent-based reporting focused on providing a steady flow of line item work to the agents; and

  • Data integrity protocols and data formatting for outside company data being imported into the systems during the acquisition of outside companies

Career Highlights:

  • Significantly increased patient payment collections by 200% through the following initiatives:

  • Creation of a patient statement process to replace a cumbersome and antiquated process that was corrupted with inaccuracies and administrative errors and mailing schedule inconsistencies;

  • Collaboration with department staff to identify the needs for the patient statement process, including correct patient balance information and demographics; and

  • Partnership with outside mailing service vendors to format data into a biweekly data upload into their system for facilitation of mass patient statement mailings

  • Enabled the successful integration of the current billing system by working with the vendor in ensuring accurate patient, insurance, physician, and accounts receivable (AR) demographics

  • Improved turnaround time to bill from 3 to 4 weeks to 24 to 48 hours, which resulted faster insurance and patient payments, as well as quick research and rebilling of outstanding balances that were denied through development of an AR reporting solution for the Reimbursement Department to ensure accurate report on the true nature of the AR

  • Oversee numerous successful company acquisitions which involves identification of data requirements to transition their billing and patient demographics systems into the company systems in coordination with the outside company

  • Formulated a process that drove efficient processing of orders, thus enabling orders to become recognizable revenue as quickly as possible

  • Boosted agent productivity and simplified processes within the Cash Posting and Refunds departments through the following:

  • Evaluation of their entire process from beginning to end; and

  • Successful initiation of necessary changes

  • Earned recognition as Employee of the Month for consistently going above and beyond in regard to both peer-level projects and executive-level projects

Senior Information System Specialist / Senior Reporting Analyst
Liberty Medical
  • Managed high-, mid-, and agent-level reporting which included assessment of current processes and identification of process issues and corrections in cooperation with all departments

  • Functioned as the point person on all incoming company acquisition data to clean it for data integrity issues and format it, ensuring proper importing into the system

  • Took charge of all executive reporting and communicated with the executive staff to present findings and describe areas of growth or areas of concern on a regular basis

Career Highlights:

  • Devised a successful patient statement system from the ground up for the company and completion of the project, consequently increasing patient payment collections

  • Led the implementation of claims processing application to handle Medicare claim submissions, including collaborating with the vendor for all system preparation and setup; uploading multiple datasets into the new system following the vendor guidelines; testing the system; and installing into productions

  • Developed a server-based reporting solution to create daily reports as .rdl file types and promote them to the production reporting server

  • Administered all AR-based mass transaction posting in the billing system that enabled a more accurate, clean, and agile AR for both reporting and workflow

  • Diagnosed and implemented fixes quickly and seamlessly for the company as the system and reporting guru for the billing system

  • Streamlined insurance and patient billing with higher agent accuracy on account work through implementation of an account work automation removing the tedious printing of the outstanding AR and moving the entire concept into Access

  • Gained numerous merit bonuses and merit raises for successfully completing and implementing six major projects important to the company

  • Received distinction as Employee of the Month based on my high level of project stakeholder customer service and uncompromised attention to detail


Coursework in Veterinary Medicine
Virginia Tech