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Transporter Aide

**Job ID:** 118199


+ Identifies in a professional manner, the surgical patient by checking ID Band; asks the Patient to state name prior to transport.

+ Notifies Nursing staff of arrival.

+ Reports immediately any significant changes in patient condition.

+ Provides safe patient transfer with side rails in up position.

+ Utilizes two-man transfer technique.

+ Assures patient is warm and provides safe environment upon entry to OR Department.

+ Provides nursing staff with patient chart and assist in OR record preparation.

+ Maintains active communication with Surgical Control Desk regarding any encountered patient delays.

+ Safely assists in lifting, moving and positioning of the surgical patient while following correct body mechanics protocols.

+ Assists the RN during surgical positioning, modes of anesthesia and surgical site prep.

+ Performs daily cleaning duties following policy and procedure, universal precautions.

+ Maintains strong hand washing technique between patient contacts and room cleaning.

+ Assists in terminal cleaning protocol of OR suites when directed.

+ Assures surgical equipment is moved to proper location after cleaning and surgical bed is replaced to LOCKED position.

+ Decontaminates equipment, stretchers and beds following use and prepares post op beds and stretchers in a timely manner.

+ Keeps sub-sterile rooms and scrub sink areas free of water/soap spills.

+ Maintains sufficient inventory of cleaning supplies, masks, and scrub supplies for all designated areas with Department.

+ Follows recommended standard of utilizing one mop head per procedure to eliminate cross contamination.

+ Restocks irrigation and blankets daily to appropriate locations.

+ Validates environmental supply inventory for needed rotation to verify any expired product line.

+ Validates specimens in logbook prior to transport to pathology. Initials book with time.

+ Monitors and records temperature of OR suites/warming cabinets according to policy and procedure.

+ Assures that all biohazard material is handled and disposed of properly utilizing universal precautions.

+ Communicates effectively with the Surgical Control Desk to note schedule progression in the OR Suite.

+ Remains accountable at all times to Surgical Control Desk.

+ Directs and delegates activity of team members to ensure proper room utilization through decreased turnover time.

+ Provides support at all levels to reduce OR room turnover.

+ Other duties as assigned.


+ High School Graduate or equivalent.


+ Basic Life Support (BLS) Certification.

**Complexity of Work:**

+ All employees are expected to meet the standards of performance outlined in the Organizational-Wide Competencies listed below as applied to the position:

+ World Class Service Orientation: Includes attitude, behavior, interpersonal skill, and problem solving that enable an employee to respond to internal and external customer needs and expectations in a positive manner.

+ Adaptability: Includes teamwork and flexibility needed to fulfill job responsibilities including adapting to changes in work environment and accepting supervisory feedback.

+ Efficiency and Effectiveness: Includes quantity and quality of desired work, as well as organization skills necessary to perform successfully.

+ Essential Job Requirements: Includes adherence to all relevant policies, procedures, and guidelines affecting the work environment, including maintenance of required competencies and communication skills.

+ Supervisory Responsibilities (if applicable): Includes overall accountability for assigned work group relative to operational goals, personnel requirements, and budgetary constraints.

+ Note: The above stated duties are intended to outline those functions typically performed by individuals assigned to this classification. This description of duties is not intended to be all-inclusive or to limit the discretionary authority of supervisors to assign other tasks of similar nature or level of responsibility.

**Work Experience:**

+ Minimum one year experience in an acute care hospital setting preferred.

+ Strong follow-through and understanding of the principle of universal precautions.

+ Ability to resolve conflicts and assure fair workload among team members.

+ Displays collaborative attitude with department director, physicians and other members of the healthcare team; ability to ensure operational efficiency; problem solving interactions and exercise self-control.

+ Needs minimal sustained direction in assessing work load, defining priorities and carrying out departmental responsibilities, self-starter and self-motivating.

**Physical Requirements:**

+ Workload is heavy and requires constant lifting, moving of patients, equipment, instrument trays, and supplies.

+ Able to lift items up to 50 pounds without assistance and greater than 50 pounds with assistance.

+ Stooping, pushing and pulling required when moving patients or equipment into position for surgery.

+ Ability to work at a fast pace and to prioritize multiple assignments/projects and respond to numerous requests with courtesy and respect.

+ Working hours may exceed eight (8) hours per day and is based on what is needed to accomplish completion of the daily surgical schedule.

**Personal Protective Equipment:**

+ Follows Standard Precautions using personal protective equipment as required for procedures.

Cleveland Clinic is pleased to be an equal employment/affirmative action employer: Women/Minorities/Veterans/Individuals with Disabilities.