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Networking and Technology Assistant

This is an entry level technology opportunity with room to expand one’s horizons. 

This job would entail working on location and potentially multiple locations per day. Our locations include Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Newport News, Portsmouth and Chesapeake. Transportation is a must. You would be installing hardware, solving generic technical issues with TVs, computers, and tablets that are interacting with a local server. 

The employee would answer to our Chief Technology Officer and would be learning many things ‘on the fly’ as our system is unique and proprietary. Learning quickly and friendly ‘customer service’ is very important: your customer is the staff of the companies that would require these services. 

Microsoft or other technical certifications are a plus and more important than a college degree. All education levels are welcome to apply but experience with the Microsoft operating systems and the Google/G Suite platform are a positive. Coding and programming knowledge is a bonus but not required.