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Clinical Lab Assistant, General Laboratory

PRN/OCC, Variable shifts

JOB OBJECTIVES: Provides Phlebotomy services and performs EKG's making positive patient identification prior to performing the procedure. Performs all functions in specimen processing aliquots specimens, positively matching the aliquot tube to the source. Receives specimens into the Laboratory positively identifying all specimens prior to labeling them. Trains all new employees to master skills in the Laboratory Assistant classification. Has completed training and been checked off on the appropriate criterion training checklist. Orders tests in the hospital information system.


A high school diploma or its equivalent is required with course work to include English, typing, filing, and general office etiquette. Must be able to read with comprehension and write legibly. Must be proficient in the use of proper grammar. Must be familiar with hospital services and operation. Knowledge of general office practice is required. Must be able to operate copy machine, hospital phone system, and both the laboratory and hospital information systems in order to carry out assigned duties. Familiarity with medical terminology and computer software is preferred.

Must possess knowledge obtained by formal education, previous experience, or on-the-job training of proper collection techniques including proper tubes, anticoagulants or preservatives for the procurement of patients' blood specimens. Must have effective communication skills and have or acquire the necessary computer skills to perform assigned duties. Must demonstrate critical thinking skills when assessing patients and determine when assistance is needed to insure quality patient care. For staff involved in the care of age-specific groups, knowledge of the bio-psychosocial needs of adult, geriatric and pediatric patients is essential. Special knowledge is required in growth and development needs of pediatric/geriatric patients where applicable.

EXPERIENCE: Previous phlebotomy experience preferred.