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RN/Clinical Nurse - Cardiology, Renal, Pulmonary

Clinical Nurse I- Cardiology Unit

Full Time, 72 hours per pay period, Night shift

The Cardiology unit, 3 Montvue, which includes Pulmonary and Nephrology is part of the three Nursing Units of the Internal Medicine Department which comprises approximately a third of inpatient beds at Parkwest Medical Center. This is a 33 bed unit that specializes in peritoneal dialysis and intensive acuity patients with tracheostomies .

The Montvue Tower gives Registered Nurses an opportunity to see a variety of patients with a myriad of medical diagnoses. This exposure builds a solid foundation for our nurses in all aspects of adult health. Additionally, with each unit there is an opportunity to learn a specialization.

The experience gained by our Internal Medicine Nurses fosters technical competence and a professional confidence that allows you to perform at the highest levels of your profession. Our Healthcare team, from RNs to CNAs, operate with optimal staffing ratios based on a Standardized Productivity Model. So if you want to be that nurse that embodies strong clinical diversity with areas of specialization then the Montvue Towers at Parkwest Medical Center is the place for you!

Minimum Education None specified; however, must be sufficient to meet the standards for achievement of the below indicated license and/or certification as required by the issuing authority.

Minimum Experience New graduate, within first (1 st ) year of orientation (move to level II after one (1) Year experience).

Continuing Education Ten (10) contact hours required annually (5 hours to enhance clinical expertise).

Licensure Requirement Valid Tennessee RN license, Fire, safety/security, infection control and CPR are


RN/Clinical Nurse - Cardiology, Renal, Pulmonary

Full time
Knoxville, TN

Published on 02/01/2020