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KidFit /Kid City Associate

KidFit /Kid City Associate

PRN/OCC position. Hours Vary

* Access to the Fort Sanders Health and Fitness Center with position

Position Summary: Supervise and engage with children while members or guests use the FSHFC facility. Kid City cares for children 12 weeks up to 6 years old. KidFit cares for children 6 years up to 13 years old.

Minimum Education: None specified; will accept any combination of formal education and/or prior work experience sufficient to demonstrate possession of the knowledge, skill and ability needed to perform the essential tasks of the job, typically such as would be equivalent to a high school diploma or GED. Preference may be given to individuals possessing a HS diploma or GED.

Minimum Experience: Previous babysitting experience helpful.


KidFit /Kid City Associate

Full time
Knoxville, TN

Published on 02/02/2020