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Telecommunications & Dispatch Specialist (FT) Kingsport, TN (HVMC) (2012)


As a Telecommunications & Dispatch Specialist at Ballad Health, your duties and qualifications are extensive and critical to the smooth operation of the communication systems within the health system. Here's a detailed breakdown:

Operational Responsibilities

1.       Operate Communication Equipment: You are responsible for operating a computer telephone integrated switchboard and other communication equipment to facilitate various types of communication throughout the Health System. This includes handling employee, physician, department, and patient calls, as well as disseminating, transferring, and conferencing these calls as needed.

2.       Data Entry and Record-Keeping: You perform data entry tasks and complete various forms and logs as required. Maintaining accurate records is essential for documentation and reference purposes.

3.       Training: You provide training to new team members as needed, ensuring that they are proficient in switchboard operations and other communication protocols.

4.       Dispatching and Communication Support: You provide dispatching and communication support for security, engineering, patient services, administration, and other departments as required. This may involve coordinating responses to emergencies, relaying messages, and facilitating communication between different teams.

5.       Ballad Health Messaging System: You provide support for the Ballad Health messaging system, ensuring effective communication among staff members.

6.       Monitoring Security and Environment Management Systems: You monitor various security and environment management alarm systems, promptly responding to alerts and taking appropriate actions as necessary.

Qualifications and Skills

1.       Communication Skills: You must possess excellent communication skills to interact effectively with the public, coworkers, and hospital staff. This includes being poised, courteous, and professional at all times.

2.       Telephone Presence: You maintain a good telephone presence, exhibiting proper phone etiquette and demeanor in all interactions.

3.       Switchboard and Radio Communication Techniques: You have the ability to learn and apply proper switchboard and two-way radio communication techniques effectively.

4.       Customer Service Skills: Good customer service skills are essential for addressing inquiries, resolving issues, and providing support to callers.

5.       Decision-Making Skills: You can make logical decisions in a timely manner, even under stressful circumstances.

6.       Work Environment: You are capable of working in a high-volume, fast-paced environment under time-sensitive conditions. This includes the ability to sit for long periods, work varied shifts, including weekends and holidays, and handle a high-volume workload accurately with minimal supervision.

7.       Concentration: You demonstrate high levels of concentration for extended periods, ensuring that communication tasks are performed accurately and efficiently.

8.       Confidentiality: You maintain confidentiality and privacy for callers and patients, ensuring that sensitive information is handled appropriately.

9.       Technical Skills: You are proficient in operating office equipment such as copiers, fax machines, printers, computers, pagers, and telephones.

10.   Emergency Response: You can recognize emergency conditions and respond quickly and calmly according to proper procedures.

11.   Interpersonal Skills: You relate well and communicate effectively with individuals across diverse socioeconomic and professional backgrounds.

12.   Continuous Improvement: You collaborate with nurses, department managers, and call center staff to identify areas for continuous quality improvement, ensuring that communication processes are optimized for efficiency and effectiveness.

13.   Data Collection: You access reports and collect data as required, contributing to the ongoing evaluation and improvement of communication systems and processes within the health system.

Overall, as a Telecommunications & Dispatch Specialist at Ballad Health, you play a crucial role in facilitating communication, ensuring efficiency, and maintaining safety within the organization. Your diverse skill set and dedication to excellence are essential for fulfilling these responsibilities effectively.  


High school diploma or its equivalent in educational achievement. Some college preferred.  

  • Computer competency including data entry, ability to type and familiarity with other electronic office equipment.  
  • Security/maintenance dispatch, operator, or call center experience  
  • One year experience in the medical field using medical terminology. 
  • Experience with hospital code systems and radio communications