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IT Senior Systems Engineer (FT) Johnson City, TN

The Network Analyst/Engineer is responsible for installation, configuration and maintenance of network hardware and software within the Medical Center and its affiliates.  The incumbent must have knowledge of various hardware platforms, Network Software, networking protocols including (TCP/IP, SNA, DECNET and LAT) and operating systems such as DOS, Windows and Unix.  The Network Analyst must be able to operate microcomputers, printers and related equipment.  Must be able to install software, boards and perform repairs.   

A Network Analyst/Engineer must have the desire to provide exceptional customer service. Maturity, patience, sound judgment, an aptitude for organization and excellent communication and interpersonal skills are required.  These attributes are needed in order to deal with the intense stress created by competing demands for assistance from personnel throughout the Hospital.  Because this employee has access to all databases in the Hospital, the strictest level of security and confidentiality must be exercised in order to maintain both patient and employee rights to privacy.  Above average intelligence is necessary to comprehend, solve and prioritize problems that involve complex interrelationships between software, hardware and user procedures.  Persons in this position must be able to grasp new applications with a minimal amount of training.  Initiative, cooperation and willingness to work as part of a team required to carry out job duties. 

See Table of Organization. 

This position requires a Bachelor’s Degree, preferably in Healthcare, Business or Computer Science.  Master’s Degree Preferred.  In addition to education, 7+ years experience in system support, design and analysis or successful demonstrated performance in a position of similar duties is required. 

IT Senior Systems Engineer (FT) Johnson City, TN

Full time
Johnson City, TN

Published on 03/30/2021

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