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Community Navigator (FT) Behavioral Health - Johnson City, TN

The Community Navigator shall work with the assigned Care Team in the coordination of diagnostic, treatment and/or support services.
In a clinical setting, the Community Navigator would work outside of the clinic, or in the facilities, making contact with patients prior to their initial physician consults to identify any barriers to care or patient needs. The Community Navigator works directly with the assigned Care Team in the clinic/facility to ensure there is a coordination of care once the patient leaves the clinic/facility. The Community Navigator is also responsible for building relationships with referring community physicians, support groups, and other not-for-profit agencies or community-based resources that are available to patients and/or their families.
In a community recovery program setting, the Community Navigator will execute strategies for disseminating information to target audiences, engaging with the target rural population, and developing a County Consortium and engaging those members regularly to maintain their commitment. They will need to be able to build trust with community organizations and families and provide navigation assistance to not only the individuals in the programs but their families and caregivers as well. They will need to be able to track and document all interactions with and patient progress.
This individual is instrumental in developing and implementing changes to support a holistic and coordinated approach to care services by ensuring a smooth flow of patient information and care. The Community Navigator may be a liaison between the Nurse Navigator (if applicable), the care team, providers, professional health care staff, and other involved parties. The Community Navigator may serve on boards and committees relating to care and navigation as requested, and serves as a community spokesperson for coordinated care together with the medical community.  The position facilitates interdisciplinary communication within the care continuum to promote continuity of care. This individual will coordinate multi-disciplinary care meetings related to patients and communicates treatment decisions.

The Community Navigator will be a liaison for the local support groups and additional organizations, and provide support and make community referrals for patients and their families as appropriate. The Community Navigator may participate in grant writing, fundraising, or other activities at the direction of management to raise awareness or improve the program . 
Some Community Navigator positions may be covered by a Grant and day to day duties may be added or removed based on the need of each specific grant. Detailed information can be obtained by contacting the Program Director for the specific grant.
See Table of Organization.


​Bachelor’s degree in a healthcare-related field such as social work, nursing, or public health preferred, or Associate's degree with four years experience in related area. In lieu of degree, individual must have experience in working with those who have mental illness and/or substance abuse. Experience in healthcare is preferred, but not required. However, all qualified candidates should have a basic understanding of the healthcare delivery system. 

For those individuals working with the Recovery Program, the individuals must meet the qualifications for certification as a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist. Navigator must have a working knowledge of the drug and alcohol treatment system and demonstrate a commitment to the recovery community. This individual will promote self-determination, personal responsibility, and empowerment to those they are serving. 

AHA BLS required