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Screening Technician (TEMP/FT) GCE - Greeneville, TN

Scope of Position
The Screening Technician is responsible for implementation of the screening process for all individuals presenting for entrance to the Ballad Health facility, clinic practice, and/or department.  In addition to obtaining verbal answers to screening questions, the Screening Technician is responsible for completing additional data following demonstration of competency to perform the specific task (examples include temperature taking, etc).  Excellent customer service interactions/behaviors are required for this role for effective communication with patients, visitors, and health care team.  The Screening Technician will assure all individuals attempting access to the organization are informed of specific expectations for entry and does not permit entry for any individuals who do not successfully complete screening criteria.  The Screening Technician will report issues that arise to leadership and/or security personnel if indicated.   The Screening Technician will comply with the policy and procedures of the organization. 

Reporting Relationship
See Table of Organization

Education and Experience
High School Diploma or High School Equivalency Certificate (GED or HISET)