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LPN - Industrial/Occup Health (PRN) Occu Med GCW - Greeneville, TN

The LPN - Industrial/Occupational Health will work under the supervision of a Site Nurse and/or a Physician.  The Industrial Health LPN is responsible for nursing care of patients assigned to Occupational Health.  One of the primary responsibilities of the nurse is to follow assigned duties outlined by the physician.  She/he should possess a basic knowledge of nursing principals and procedures and demonstrate skills and techniques of good patient care.  The duties and expectations will ensure a standard of patient care.  As additional duties develop, the nurse should document and update the list of required responsibilities.  The physician and his/her nurse should have a partnership relation that enhances the overall medical treatment of each patient.  The Industrial Health LPN will do drug screens and lab work for all pre-employment physicals.  This position will demonstrate competency in the care of infants, adolescent adults, geriatrics or patients age 0-100+.
While serving as an Industrial LPN, the primary role of this position will be to coordinate the Substance Abuse Testing Program.  This position will be responsible for the coordination of the Substance Abuse Testing Program which include; reporting, file maintenance, random pulling, staff training assistance in policy and procedure development, company site in-services, blind sampling of reference lab, Breath Alcohol Testing and urine drug screens.  Occasionally, this position may be required to provide on-site services to companies such as Breath Alcohol Testing and Urine Drug Screens.
Must develop thorough understanding of the scientific principles used in diagnostic testing in order to recognize deviations in expected results.  Must ensure the validity accuracy of test results.  Analyze technical problems and make necessary corrections to achieve quality results.
This individual is entrusted with confidential medical information and will have access to prescription and radioactive medications.  Must have knowledge of medical laboratory techniques, equipment and instrumentation.  A high degree of cooperation, consideration and sensitivity is essential; strict ethical and confidentiality guidelines will be used.

​See Table of Organization.

​Graduate of an accredited LPN program.  Must be able to make decisions on work place injuries.  Must have excellent venipuncture skills.  Good communication skills are necessary for patient relationships.
Valid and active LPN licensure in appropriate state
CPR required

LPN - Industrial/Occup Health (PRN) Occu Med GCW - Greeneville, TN

Full time
Greeneville, TN

Published on 03/24/2021

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