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Team Leader Nutrition Services

Job Description

The Team Leader of Nutrition Services ;eads and directs food service team including, cooks, cashiers, servers, ambassadors, clerks, and nutrition assistants to ensure preparation and service of patient, cafeteria, and special function meals.  Checks all meals for quality control and accuracy.  Ensures timely delivery of meal services.  Demonstrate respect, dignity, kindness and empathy in each encounter with all patients, families, visitors and other employees regardless of cultural background.


Job Duties Include:


Service: Hands on lead in day to day operations in area of expertise; provide cross coverage for other areas and function as charge supervisor when needed.  Assign, monitor and review task progress to facilitate accurate work. Provide technical guidance on more complex issues.


Service:  Perform all duties related to assembly and delivery of patient meals. Provide instruction and assist with problem solving so others on team may complete tasks quickly and effectively.  Answer questions, offer insight and organize responsibilities within the team.


People:  Act as a positive example for those working with them.  Assist in training new associates. Inform management of overall performance of team members.


Finance: Assist with resourceful use of labor, supplies and equipment to meet organizational and departmental financial goals.


Quality: Compliance with all local, state, federal and medical center regulatory, safety, sanitation and security standards. Participates in performance improvement (PI) studies, assist with data collection and supports action plans.


Cash handling: Monitor and maintain effective cash handling and accounting practices.


Every other weekend. 













Education, Credentials, Licenses:

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Certification as a Food Service Manager by the N. Ky. District Health Department within two (2) months of employment / promotion

Specialized Knowledge: 

  • Basic computer skills
  • Ability to read and write
  • Ability to understand written / verbal instructions
  • Able to direct and guide work of others

Kind and Length of Experience: 

  • Six (6) month experience in foodservice and food preparation
  • Customer service training and skills



Team Leader Nutrition Services

Full time
Edgewood, KY

Published on 07/28/2020