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Registered Cardiovascular Sonographer -(1st Shift) - 40hrs- Edgewood

SEH - Job Descriptions

Responsible for performing cardiovascular studies on patients that support diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease. Performs, records, and reports Non-Invasive Vascular and/or adult Echocardiography procedures using specialized equipment. Both echo and vascular sonography may be performed during the course of a normal work day. The position provides flexibility in staffing sites with modality needs.

Demonstrate respect, dignity, kindness and empathy in each encounter with all patients, families, visitors and other employees regardless of cultural background.

Job Duties:

  • Perform complete cardiac and vascular ultrasound studies in compliance with guidelines set by the IAC and approved by the Medical Directors and Technical Directors. May drive mobile van to client site or to scheduled site as needed.
  • Evaluate results of study making preliminary report of normal and abnormal findings. Maintain for files and disperse to physicians and patient floors accurate records of studies completed.
  • Evaluate patient history assessing past and current cardiac or vascular status for determination of factors leading to cardiac and/or vascular disease.
  • Maintain Quality Assurance of studies performed as well as equipment function.
  • Maintain continuing education in order to continually provide complete diagnostic studies.
  • Participate in technical training of Cardiovascular Trainee education.
  • Responsible for notifying interpreting Cardiologist of emergency situations based on Cardiac and/or Vascular Ultrasound findings.


Education, Credentials, Licenses:

  • Graduate of an accredited cardiovascular ultrasound degree program and/or qualifying experience in accordance with IAC guidelines. (New graduates are given consideration to achieve the IAC minimum study requirements.)

Registration :

  • Cardiac or Vascular Imaging
  • *Must obtain 2 nd registry within 24 months of employment.

Modality Registration :

  • RDCS, RVT, RVS, or RCS

(only one registration is required)

Specialized Knowledge:

  • -Knowledgeable of Vascular and Cardiac Hemodynamics
  • -Proficient with use of cardiac and vascular testing equipment.

Additional Minimum Requirements:


  • Legal Valid Driver's license
  • Commercial Driver's license (CDL)