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Gate Security Officer - Full Time


Full Time : a position averaging 35+ hours a week.

Biltmore Estate Gate Security Officers are responsible for ensuring the safety and security of guests, employees, assets and property, and will support and contribute to the world class guest service experience that Biltmore offers. Duties may vary according to assignment/location, and may include: monitoring and movement of traffic to/from the estate and providing assistance in a professional and hospitable manner; security and emergency response services for assigned location(s); support for staff, guests, and vendors; and access control for historic buildings, secured sites/buildings/locations, and other property and assets. In addition, Security Officers will provide general assistance and support for leadership, the department, and the company as required. Openings include 1st and 2nd shifts.1st shift = $12/hour and 2nd shift positions receive a 2nd shift pay differential of $1.25/hour. (Base pay of $12.00 + 2nd shift differential $1.25 = $13.25/hour)

Essential Job Duties:

1. Be thoroughly familiar with the Biltmore Estate and grounds, including adjacent areas, and access/key control procedures; familiar with emergency protocols;
2. Be able to operate a ticket scanning device and enforce entrance policies in a courteous, hospitable and restrained manner.
3. Accurately document events which impact upon the security and safety. Will be responsible for writing and completing reports according to protocols with accuracy.
4. The officer must be able to respond appropriately to other threats such as severe weather changes, fire hazards, etc., and the procedures to be used during emergencies.
5. Act as a first point of contact for guests in a warm hospitable manner.
6. Work in and around heavy traffic and large crowds on a daily basis.
7. Operate a Security screening device such as walk through portal or hand-held screening device.


1. High school diploma required. Related training or certifications helpful. Must have or be able to obtain AED, CPR and First Aid, Crowd Management certifications.
2. At least one (1) year of similar experience in guest services support, safety, security, or a related field preferred. The ideal candidate will have had prior experience working with safety/security in an attractions, hospitality, and/or upscale hotel/resort environment with a focus on guest service.
3. Demonstrated commitment to delivering world class internal/external guest service.
4. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills (written and verbal). Ability to write and complete reports in standard English. Knowledge of second language helpful.
5. Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.
6. Ability to properly evaluate situations and exercise good judgment is essential.
7. Must be proactive and take initiative where appropriate; ability to troubleshoot and handle a variety of guest and employee situations in a professional manner consistently.
8. Works effectively both independently and as part of a dynamic guest service team.
9. Must be able to quickly acquire knowledge of Biltmore's systems, and protocols.
10. Ability to prioritize work, multi-task, and adapt to change accordingly.
11. Keen attention to detail; ability to retain large amounts of information.
12. Must be a self starter and have strong problem solving skills.

Physical Requirements:This position will require a physical exam at the Biltmore Clinic prior to starting work. An offer of employment is conditional upon the successful completion of this examination.

1. The incumbent will work inside and outside in all types of weather with fluctuations in temperature and conditions.

2. The incumbent will be required to stand/walk for extended periods of time.
3. The incumbent will be required to physically assist guests and employees as needed.
4. The incumbent must be able to lift up to 50 pounds occasionally; must be capable of lifting/pulling/pushing up to 100 pounds with assistance if needed.
5. The incumbent must possess what is medically considered normal sensory acuity with all senses and be able to handle and respond to multiple stimuli simultaneously.
6. Must be at least 19 years of age and have a valid driver’s license.
7. Must be able to look at computer screens for an extended period of time.

Gate Security Officer - Full Time

Biltmore Company
Full time
Asheville, NC

Published on 11/20/2019