Police Officer - NC State Certified

  • City of Asheville
  • Asheville, NC, USA
  • Apr 25, 2018

Job Description

Job Summary The City of Asheville is excited to hire motivated individuals to serve the citizens of Asheville as a Police Officer. Under supervision of a Police Sergeant Police, Officers provide public safety and maintain order, enforce the laws of North Carolina, uphold the United States Constitution and support National security. Officers are subject to the usual hazards of law enforcement work. The City of Asheville is a culturally diverse community and the Asheville Police Department welcomes all applicants.

To Be Considered As An Applicant For This Position, You MUST HAVE: 
Certification as a Police Officer through the NC Criminal Justice Education & Training Standards Commission; OR Completion of NC BLET program.  NC BLET completion must be valid to be eligible to achieve certification as a Police Officer through the NC Criminal Justice Education & Training Standards Commission after successful completion of the hiring process. No other State certifications will be considered.  If you are not NC State Certified, you must apply to the Police Officer Trainee position to be considered. Only NC State certified Police Officers will be considered for this recruitment process.
Must successfully complete a pre-employment medical exam to include a hearing and vision test and other requirements set by the NC Criminal Justice Education & Training Standards Commission. These physicals require a scheduled appointment. The City's Physician or Physician Assistant must provide final clearance. The exams are at the City's expense after a conditional offer is made, but before a final offer of employment.

The Hiring Process for the Police Officer - NC State Certified:
  • Initial Review
  • One-on-One Interview
  • Panel Interview
  • Conditional Offer
  • Drug Screening
  • Health Assessment
  • Background Investigation
  • Polygraph
  • Psychological Evaluation
  • Executive Staff Review
  • Final Offer

Visit the Police Department website for more information on the hiring and selection process:
  Work Schedule for Police Officers: 
12 hour shifts either 6am-6pm, 7am-7pm or 6pm-6am, 7pm-7am.  New hires will be subject to working the shift(s) that are currently available at the time of hire.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Patrol designated areas of the City in car, by foot, or other means to preserve law and order, discover and prevent the commission of crimes, and enforce traffic and other laws and ordinances; protect real and personal property by providing security checks of residential, business, and public premises; maintain awareness of and remains alert for wanted suspects, known criminals, stolen vehicles, missing persons, traffic violators, and crimes in progress, takes appropriate enforcement action through warnings or citations.
  • Respond to calls for service for the protection of life and property, the enforcement of laws and ordinances, general public service calls, and complaints including those involving automobile accidents, traffic hazards, misdemeanor and felony incidents, domestic disturbances, property control, civil complains, and related incidents, investigate complaints and takes appropriate action.
  • Conduct investigations at scenes to which summoned or incidents observed; determine what, if any, crime has been committed; identify, collect, preserve, process, and store evidence; locate and interview victims and witnesses and interrogate suspects.  
  • Prepare and serve search warrants and arrest warrants; apprehend and arrest offenders for crimes committed under federal, state, and local laws and codes; control and mitigate people under the influence of drugs or alcohol or other potentially hostile situations.              
  • Investigate traffic collisions, providing first aid for injured, taking safeguards to prevent further accidents, interviews principals and witnesses, taking written statements from drivers, witnesses; examines vehicles and roadways; observing traffic control devices, and obstructions to view; takes necessary street measurements; clears the scene of obstruction and wreckage.
  • Direct traffic and crowd control at special events, motor vehicle collisions, and other emergency situations.
  • Attend various community functions to identify crime related issues and/or quality of life issues and works with the community to solve those issues.
  • Escort prisoners to the Detention Facility, ensuring prisoners are properly guarded during transport.
  • Interact with the public in a fair and impartial manner regardless of the situation.  Establish and preserve good relationships with the general public; answer questions from the public concerning local and state laws, procedures, and activities of the department.
  • Conduct Crime Prevention Activities to reduce and deter criminal activity.
  • Testify in court and at hearings, prepare and present case evidence; respond to mandatory court calls during irregular hours.
  • Initiate and complete reports, legal documents, and other required paperwork; prepare investigative reports and case information/files.

Required Education & Experience Requirements:
  • MUST HAVE: Certification as a Police Officer through the NC Criminal Justice Education & Training Standards Commission; OR Completion of NC BLET program.  NC BLET completion must be valid to be eligible to achieve certification as a Police Officer through the NC Criminal Justice Education & Training Standards Commission after successful completion of the hiring process.
  • Educational requirement is minimum high school diploma and/or GED equivalency.
  • Bilingual language skills preferred but not required.

Additional Major Requirements:
  • At least 20 years of age at time of application.
  • Must be in good physical condition with no obvious condition which will impair the performance of duty.
  • Must pass a physical examination, and physical fitness assessment.
  • Must meet vision, hearing, and other physical requirements.
  • Must be a United States citizen.
  • No felony convictions.
  • No serious misdemeanor convictions in the past five years.
  • Valid NC driver's license required; no suspensions of driving privileges in the past three years.
  • Must satisfactorily pass a thorough background investigation.
  • Must satisfactorily pass a polygraph examination.
  • Must satisfactorily pass a psychological evaluation.
  • Must satisfactorily pass a screening test for drugs.
Automatic Disqualifications:
Criminal History : Any conviction of a felony; a crime for which the punishment could have been more than two years; conviction of a crime or unlawful act defined as Class B Misdemeanors within the preceding ten (10) years; conviction of two (2) or more crimes or unlawful acts defined as Class A Misdemeanors within the preceding five (5) years; a DUI or DWI conviction in the last ten (10) years.  For a list of Class B Misdemeanors visit: http://www.ncdoj.gov/About-DOJ/Law-Enforcement-Training-and-Standards/Criminal-Justice-Standards/CJ-Standards/Documents/Class-B-Misdemeanor-Manual-2005.aspx
  • Any involvement in the sale of illegal drugs; 
  • Any prior use of hallucinogenic drug such as LSD;
  • Any use of any illegal drug within the past two (2) years; 
  • Any use of hard drugs such as cocaine or heroin. 
  • As an adult, a pattern of illegal drug use that indicates ongoing recreational use. 
Other : Dishonorable discharge from any military service. Less than honorable discharges will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
Untruthfulness or the intentional withholding of information on any application, interview, or paperwork associated with the position; deliberate inaccuracies or incomplete   statements; cheating on any examination or testing associated with the position.
Tattoos and Body Modification :
Tattoos, branding, or intentional scars will be covered by all employees when representing the department.  Exceptions may be made for female employees with permanent makeup (e.g., eyeliner, lip liner) that is conservative and natural looking. However, tattoos, branding, or intentional scarring are not permitted on the face, neck, ears, scalp, or hands. 

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Working Conditions  
  • Adaptability.
  • Critical thinking.
  • Conflict resolution.
  • Good Communication (both verbally and in writing).
  • Capacity for empathy and compassion.
  • Capacity for engaging in teamwork and ability to collaborate.
  • Ability to use good judgment, reason and problem solve.
  • Ability to demonstrate courage and to take responsibility.
  • Ability to be resourceful and show initiative.
  • Ability to perform physical functions of position, including physically restraining people.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships both internally and externally.
  • Ability to read and understand basic workplace data, such as simple forms, tables, graphs, schedules, etc.
  • Ability to compile data into a formal report or recommendation shared with others.
  • Ability to work independently with limited supervision.
  • Ability to analyze and interpret policy and procedural guidelines and to apply this understanding to tasks.
  • Ability to bring resources together to resolve a problem or provide a solution.

  • Majority of work is performed outside of with exposure to unpleasant environmental conditions and/or hazards.
  • Frequent physical effort is required.