Advanced Practitioner (AP or NP) - Hospitalist - (Diabetes Management Team)

  • Mission Health System
  • Asheville, NC, USA
  • Dec 08, 2018

Job Description

Role Summary: Provides diabetes and hyperglycemia diagnosis, treatment, consultation, and follow-up under a supervising physician in compliance with the North Carolina Board of Nursing.

Essential Accountabilities:

Provides glycemic care management to patients in an inpatient setting, diagnosing patient problem, providing treatment, performing documentation, and establishing follow-up and/or referral appointment.

Performance Criteria:

  1. Provides age and condition appropriate care.
  2. Provides services within a reasonable timeframe of consult placement.
  3. Promotes preventive health care during the patient encounter.
  4. Reviews all diagnostic procedures, medications, and primary reason for encounter.
  5. Diagnoses patient problem and provides treatment based on objective criteria.
  6. Reviews patient history and performs and documents focused examination to determine and communicate appropriate care plan for glycemic management.
  7. Orders and interprets laboratory studies based on patient presentation and history.
  8. Prescribes medications as needed for glycemic management.
  9. Maintains complete, current, and accurate patient medical records, completing all documentation on same day as visit.
  10. Performs daily rounding, evaluating patient needs for regimen adjustment, education, and support.
  11. Utilize and manage supported technology for glycemic management.
  12. Utilizes interdisciplinary approach to support patient needs for coordinated care with attending provider, bedside nursing staff, case manager, and other key team members.
  13. Determines and prescribes appropriate regimen and recommendations for glycemic management at discharge.
  14. Provides communication with primary care provider regarding hospital course of treatment and disease management recommendations at transfer of care.
  15. Ensures appropriate referral and/or follow-up based on patient response to treatment
  16. Performs other duties supporting diabetes department and quality goals.

Performance Criteria:

  1. Participates in monthly quality assurance program and operational team meetings.
  2. Assists with orientation and cross training of clinical staff.
  3. Available for on-call diabetes consultation on a rotating basis.
  4. Participates and supports research initiative and assists with data management and collection.