• Mission Health System
  • Asheville, NC, USA
  • Oct 12, 2018

Job Description

Under the supervision of the Transportation Coordinator is responsible for the safe and timely transportation of PACE participants. Including transport of participants, meals, durable medical equipment, pharmacy, and any other transportation as deemed necessary. Responsible for overall cleanliness and safety of the vehicle assigned on a daily basis. Responsible for communicating any safety issue to the Transportation Coordinator.

  • Qualifications and Requirements:

  • NC driver's license
  • Safe driving record
  • CDL with "P" endorsement preferred

Experience: Minimum of 1 year transporting the frail and elderly.
  • Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for PACE passengers during transport, providing care in a manner which ensures participant satisfaction.
  • Follow assigned schedule, make adjustments to meet unanticipated changes, while considering the needs of the participant and requirements of the PACE Center. Communicate these changes to Transportation Coordinator or designee.
  • Operate equipment safely and in compliance with vehicle licensing regulations.
  • Maintain and complete daily required records, i.e. Pre and Post Trip Inspections, gasoline purchases.
  • Immediately reports to Transportation Coordinator any vehicle or cell phone operating problems, malfunction, or incidents out of the ordinary routine.
  • Transport participants to and from medical/specialist appointments and activity outings as requested by the interdisciplinary team via the plan of care.
  • Transport meals, durable medical equipment, pharmacy, and any other items as deemed necessary for participant.
  • Provide physical assistance to each participant when needed as s/he boards and disembarks from the program's vehicles.
  • Maintain the vehicle in a neat and clean condition.
  • Ensure vehicle equipment is maintained and operating within manufacturer's recommendations, replacing supplies as needed.
  • Function as a member of the interdisciplinary team when appropriate.
  • Communicate with Transportation Coordinator or designee daily to be updated on participant conditions/changes, plan of care changes, or interdisciplinary team requests.
  • Follow Policies and Procedures and OSHA safety guidelines.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of all company procedures, results, and information about participants, clients or families.
  • Handle potentially infectious fluids (e.g. blood, urine, emesis) with appropriate biohazard precautions and practices Standard Precautions.
  • Participate in and supports Quality Improvement initiatives.
  • Participates in continuing education classes and any required staff and training meetings. Maintain any required certifications or licenses.
  • Perform other duties as required or requested.


Honesty/Integrity - Does not cut corners. Earns trust and maintains confidences. Does what is right, not just what is expedient. Speaks plainly and truthfully.

Communication - Speaks and writes clearly and articulately without being overly verbose or talkative. Communicates the bottom line up front. Maintains this standard in all forms of communication, including e-mail, telephone and via radio.

Continuous improvement- Willing and able to generate ideas as well as offer and accept constructive criticism with an open mind. Open to, and willing to execute, change.

Flexibility/Adaptability - Adjusts quickly to changing priorities and conditions. Copes effectively with complexity and change.

Listening- Has the patience to hear people out. Practices attentive and active listening. Learns from interactions with others. Able to restate the issue or opinion as discussed by another. Does not cut someone off and finish their sentence or thought for them.

Calm under pressure - Maintains stable performance when under heavy pressure or stress in a rapid pace environment. Able to see difficult interactions through to a successful conclusion especially when dealing with our enrolled population.