Landscape Manager

  • Express Employment - CO | FL | GA | HI
  • Palm City, FL, USA
  • Apr 25, 2018

Job Description

Express Employment Professionals, the nation's fastest growing professional level staffing provider, seeks an experienced Greenscape Manager.

Job Description


The Greenscape Manager is responsible for supervising and managing the Greenscape Foreman and Crew that performs regular lawn maintenance, trimming, and weeding of various commercial and residential properties according to Daily Schedule.

This position is responsible for directing 1 - 5 crew members in daily operations including quality control, training, punctuality and safety. Candidates must also have strong organization skills, ability to complete appropriate paperwork, and possess good leadership and communication skills. The crew will provide quality service that meets or exceeds our customers' and management's expectations. The Greenscape Manager will show attention to detail and effectively communicate with subordinates, peers and Operations Manager. All crew members will possess a friendly, customer service minded attitude and will conduct themselves in a professional manner. (Greenscape Manager reports directly to Operations Manager)

This position requires the employee to supervise and manage the performance of all, but not limited to, the duties listed below:


  1. Supervise daily preparation of trucks, equipment, and inventory.
  • Supervise & load all tools, gas, and other necessary equipment/materials. Secure all equipment safely. Helping as necessary.
  • Supervise checking truck oil, fluids, tire pressure, proper trailer connection, and all lights are in working condition.

  1. Manage landscape and maintenance tasks on client's properties.
  • Work in conjunction with the Operations Manager to ensure the work contracted is implemented efficiently and according to the contracted specifications. Follow the Daily Schedule and report any changes.
  • Oversee all tasks of operations including but not limited to mowing, line trimming, blowing, leaf and debris removal, weeding, edging, hedging, and raking.
  • Monitor irrigation system and perform minor repairs and adjustments as needed. Report any major problems or repairs that require extra time at property.
  • Provide “on the job” training to all crew members in safety, equipment, technique, etc.
  • Coach members of the team as needed, and track this task.
  • Report any accidents or equipment failure immediately.
  • Oversee proper safety equipment and Personal Protective Equipment usage and practices of the crew.
  • Proactively address questions or concerns from clients. Communicate customer's questions immediately with the Operations Manager.

  1. End of the day.
  • Complete Daily Report and submit to Operations Manager. Report all sales opportunities. Inventory and report materials used on the job that day. Report any changes to Daily Schedule.
  • Unload/load equipment and material, clean out truck/trailer by removing trash, debris, etc. daily.
  • Wash dirty equipment {including all mower decks} and return to storage location. Report damaged or broken equipment to Operations Manager immediately to get parts on order.
  • Fill truck, mowers, equipment, and cans with gas or fuel in preparation for the next day (or as necessary).

  1. Additional Responsibilities.

Evaluate and modify daily travel routes to maximize efficiency.
  • Manage Daily Schedule and make adjustments based on season and requirements.
  • Grow Greenscape client list through sales efforts.
  • Equipment purchases and maintenance. (Need to have some mechanical ability and "know-how").
  • Cultivate relationship with clients.

  1. Crew Guidelines

  • Work as a team (including Landscape Crews) to maintain the Nursery area. Take pride in our vehicles, machines, tools, plants, yard, shop and shed.
  • Be efficient - Pay attention to daily routes and coordinate with Operations Manager to adjust schedule.
  • Lunch is normally at 12:00 for 30 minutes. Eat breakfast before your scheduled time each day. First stop in the morning is at first client's property. Fuel up at end of day only.
  • Greenscape Crew is responsible for transporting full trash cans to road on Tuesday and Friday AM and picking up at end of day.
  • Many of our clients have dogs. Pay attention to notes on Daily Schedule and always close gates behind you when entering and leaving property. Never leave gates open!
  • Be aware of low wet areas when mowing with machine. Use weed eater when appropriate.
  • Pay attention to paths and walkways… Do not leave tire marks when making turns.
  • Check irrigation for Greenscape clients in Full Service category once per month. Record results on Daily Schedule, make simple adjustments and repairs, and report to Operations Manager. Note any parts used.

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