Nursing Unit Supervisor - Forensic Nurse Examiner

  • Mission Health System
  • Asheville, NC, USA
  • Apr 19, 2018

Job Description

Our Mission

We strive to address the unique needs of victims of abuse. By providing our services in a confidential, compassionate, and non-judgmental atmosphere - our focus is to empower our patients to begin the healing process and, in addition, work to end sexual assault and domestic/intimate partner violence in our community.

Expert Staff

Mission Hospital employs Forensic Nurse Examiners (FNEs) - specially trained registered nurses - who provide comprehensive care for victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, and child, elder, dependent-adult abuse and neglect, and other violent crimes. Our forensic nurses are also involved in community outreach and educational programs designed to raise public awareness of sexual assault, safe dating, and recognizing and dealing with violence in a relationship.

A forensic nurse examiner is on duty 24/7/365. Specialized training and experience enables the FNE to:
  • Provide a safe, comprehensive and compassionate exam.
  • Collect and document evidence of the assault
  • Provide treatment to help prevent sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy
  • Initiate crisis intervention and safety planning when needed
  • Arrange medical and psychological follow-up
  • Provide expert testimony in court

Our Services

Sexual Assault

Our forensic nurse examiners offer confidential services for both adult and pediatric victims of sexual assault. These services are provided at no cost to the victims. Confidential services are provided whether or not the victim chooses to have law enforcement involvement.

Intimate Partner/Family Violence

Our forensic nurses' examiners provide confidential evaluations for assessment and documentation of injuries. They educate the victim about domestic violence and provides referrals to legal and/or social services as needed. Confidential services are provided whether or not the victim chooses to have law enforcement involvement.

Elder, Dependent-Adult Abuse and Neglect

The forensic nurse is called upon whenever it is suspected that an elder or dependent-adult may be a victim of abuse or neglect. In addition to providing medico-legal services, the forensic nurse is able to educate the medical community and law-enforcement agencies to recognize the signs and symptoms of abuse and neglect.

Other Victims of Violent Crime

Our forensic nurses provide evidence , nonfatal strangulation, or serious assault. This includes obtaining a limited history, and creating written and/or photo documentation while medical treatment is being provided. This service is provided without interfering with medical treatment, and it ensures that crucial evidence is not lost in the course of emergency medical treatment. Our forensic nurses also assit the Buncombe County Morgue with death investigations and processing through the Office of Decedent Affairs. A team of Office of Decedent Affair technicians are also on our FNE team as they assist the nurses with these ODA cases.

Office of Decedent Affairs

Mission Hospital in Asheville is where the Buncombe County Morgue is located. Our forensic nurses assist the Buncombe County Morgue's Office of Decedent Affairs (ODA) with death investigations on all incoming cases. In addition to those, if a patient passes away while in the hospital, certain examinations and documentation must be completed and these are also performed by our FNE team. The FNE team includes ODA Technicians who are either Certified Nursing Assistants or license Funeral Directors who assist with such ODA cases.


Nursing Unit Supervisor Job Summary: Responsible for the coordination of clinical, management, and business activities by providing leadership for the delivery of nursing care of a patient care department. Supervises and facilitates the management of clinical nursing practice and patient care delivery. Exercises management responsibilities through problem-solving and collaboration, independently and as delegated by Nursing Director or Nursing Manager.

Required Education: Bachelor of Science in Nursing or enrolled in program to be completed within 4 years; or by currently signed commitment letter. Those new to the role must become actively enrolled within 6 months and complete within 3 years. Any exemptions from the BSN requirement must be approved by CNO Advisory Board Council.National Certification in area of specialty within one year of accepting the role. Those actively pursuing degree must obtain national certification within 1 year of graduation.

Preferred Education: MSN and FNE/SANE education program completion which meets Law in North Carolina, North Carolina Board of Nursing and International Association of Forensic Nurses standards required.

Required License: RN and BLS

Required Experience: A minimum of 2 years of recent, relevant clinical hospital experience with demonstrated leadership skills

Preferred Experience: Forensic Nurse supervisory experience, SANE experience and current SANE Certification are all preferred. Experience with building strong relationships with community agencies is desired as well.

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