Nurse Practitioner (Hematology/Oncology)

  • Mission Health System
  • Asheville, NC, USA
  • Apr 23, 2018

Job Description



  • Three years of oncology experience as practicing nurse practitioner or physician assistant preferred. Acute care or internal medicine experience considered. Oncology nursing experience considered.
  • ACLS Certified Current or ability to obtain
  • Must be in a 20 mile radius of Mission hospital during on-call hours

Position Description:
  • The CCWNC hospital based NP/PA position will include:
  • Rounding on CCWNC inpatient services, including ICU and non-oncology units that need follow up care after hours.
  • Facilitate admissions from the emergency room until the end of the shift, including end of the shift admissions
  • Take first call for after business hours. Calls will be managed and documented at the time of occurrence. The on-call physician will be notified of patient/provider calls requiring physician support. Communications to the primary team will occur for other calls and care management.
  • Collaborate with hospitalist or other consultative services to coordinate quality care and efficient LOS for admission diagnosis
  • Complete all necessary chart documentation regarding patient care in order to facilitate efficient communication by end of shift
  • Optimize documentation to comprehensively cover the processes of admissions
  • Complete billing and submit by the end of the shift
  • Serve as resource for hospital staff in regards to oncology
  • Provide educational in services for hospital staff as needed but not to exceed 1-2 sessions quarterly.
  • Provide daily report to covering physician/AP
  • Proficiency with procedures: Bone marrow biopsy, skin biopsy, and Ommaya Reservoir diagnostic and therapeutic management

  • Rounding Cycle: Tuesday to Monday, this can be adjusted. May be adjusted to accommodate urgent circumstances or workflow efficiencies when appropriate. Variances to the schedule will need approval.
  • Seven days on service followed by seven days off service
  • Average 84 hours/2 weeks (42 hours/week)
  • Hours may fluctuate depending on census
  • Hours: _______________ with flexibility based on census
  • Average 26 seven day work weeks annually (182 days) (for reference 260 days FT-clinic based - 30 vacation days = 230 days - 7 holidays = 223 days)
  • Holidays to be included and managed on scheduled rotation. Major holidays to be covered by CCWNC Physicians (Christmas, New Year, and Thanksgiving)
  • Census Flexibility: There may be flexibility at times depending on the daily census, in these situations, the covering AP may leave the premises but will remain on call until the end of the scheduled work day for unplanned or emergent admissions.
  • Holidays and weekends will be full days with the census flexibility rule applying.

  • Coverage for time off will be coordinated with second hospital based AP when time outside of the office is required during a scheduled work week.
  • Limited coverage will be provided for urgent circumstances from CCWNC AP staffing.
  • Routine medical/dental appointments will be scheduled on the APs Scheduled week off. Exceptions will be considered for emergent or complex care issues where coordinating scheduling cannot be accommodated
  • Coverage for vacation time exceeding one week will need to be coordinated with partner CCWNC hospital AP and approved by the NP/PA coordinator.
  • Physician back up will be assigned and available during the entirety of the daily shift
  • Sick/jury duty coverage CCWNC

Continuing Education:
  • Annual Continuing education to include:
  • Credits from Internal medicine 30 %
  • Credits from Oncology 65 %