Nurse Practitioner - PACE

  • Mission Health System
  • Asheville, NC, USA
  • Apr 25, 2018

Job Description

Role Summary: Provides diagnosis, treatment, consultation, and follow-up under a supervising physician in compliance with the North Carolina Board of Nursing.

Essential Accountabilities:

  1. Provides medical care to patients in an outpatient or inpatient setting

Performance Criteria:
  1. Provides age-appropriate care to patients
  2. Provides services within a reasonable timeframe of the scheduled appointment (if applicable)
  3. Promotes preventative health care during the patient encounter
  4. Reviews health maintenance questionnaire annually with all patients
  5. Knowledge of participant's rights

  1. Maintains complete, current, and accurate patient medical records

Performance Criteria:
  1. Reviews all diagnostic procedures, medications, and primary reason for encounter
  2. Completes all visit documentation on the same day as visit
  3. Diagnoses patient problem and provides treatment based on objective criteria

  1. Diagnoses patient problem and provides treatment based on objective criteria

Performance Criteria:
  1. Interview the patient and review patient history to determine the reason for encounter
  2. Perform and document thorough physical examination focusing on patient symptoms
  3. Recommend/interpret laboratory procedures based on patient symptoms
  4. Evaluates patient for remarkable changes in general health
  5. Dispenses prescribed medications as needed for treatment

  1. Establishes follow up and/or referral appointment based on the patient response to treatment

Performance Criteria:
  1. Schedule follow-up visit with patient as needed
  2. Discuss referral with patient as needed

  1. Other duties to support department and quality goals as assigned

Performance Criteria:
  1. Participates in monthly assurance program meetings
  2. Assists with orientation and cross training of clinical staff
  3. Instructs staff in emergency clinical technologies

Merit Standards of Performance

  • Workplace Expectations

  1. Professional Appearance : Our appearance represents Mission Health. Therefore, our grooming and dress will reflect our respect for our customers. While on duty, we will first consider our customers' expectations in how we present ourselves. Our manner and expression will convey our concern for and willingness to serve our customers.
  2. Safety Awareness : Safety must be the responsibility of all Mission Health employees to ensure an accident-free environment. Accidents are the result of actions and attitudes that you can help to change.
  3. Corporate Compliance : Integrity is doing the right things by being honest in our dealings with one another, our patients and our business contacts. Integrity is doing the right thing by maintaining the security and confidentiality of patient information.

  • Behavioral Standards

  1. Etiquette in the Workplace : Workplace etiquette can create a favorable impression on our patients, visitors, and co-workers. Good manners contribute to patient satisfaction.
  2. Communication : The goal of communication is understanding. We must be committed to listening attentively to our customers in order to fully understand their needs. Close attention should be given to both verbal and non-verbal messages. Our messages to customers should be delivered with courtesy, respect, clarity, and care. We must avoid confusing our customers and speak in terms they can easily understand.
  3. Customer Relations : At Mission Health we believe that we are here to serve our customers - our customers are patients, family, co-workers, physicians, and vendors. Our customers' most basic expectation is to be treated with courtesy and respect. We are committed to providing the highest quality of service and meeting customers' needs with utmost care and courtesy.
  4. Working Relationships : As Mission Health employees, we are linked to one another by a common purpose: serving our patients and our community. Our co-workers, therefore, are our teammates. They deserve our respect. Without their contributions, none of us could perform our jobs. Just as we rely on our fellow employees, they rely upon us. Each of us has obligations to our co-workers.
  5. Sense of Ownership : Every Mission Health employee should feel a sense of ownership toward his or her job. By this we mean taking pride in what we do, feeling responsible for the outcomes of our efforts, and recognizing our work as a reflection of ourselves. Take pride in this organization as if you owned it.

Skills, Knowledge, Abilities:

Required Education: Completion of nurse practitioner program with appropriate certification exams

Preferred Education: None

Required License:
  • Have and maintain current Nurse Practitioner license with the North Carolina Board of Nursing.
  • NC Registered Nurse License
  • Certification as a Nurse Practitioner with Prescriptive Authority

Preferred License: BLS

Required Experience: Evidence of 1 year experience with Frail Elderly.

Preferred Experience: Two years of experience as a nurse practitioner; knowledge of automated patient record

Management systems

Working Conditions: Attached

OSHA Category: Potential for exposure to blood or body fluids

Client Groups: The age of patient served includes adults, the geriatric patient, plus the dying patient.

Medical Clearance: Employee must have medical clearance for communicable diseases and up-to-date immunizations before having direct participant contact.

Competency: Position specific competencies for Nurse Practitioner will be met prior to assuming participant care.