Technician - C Shift

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  • Apr 24, 2018
Construction / Skilled Trades

Job Description

• Plan and perform manufacturing operations of a diverse and difficult nature involving a multiple number of manufacturing disciplines such as:
o setting up (when required)
o operating
o entering data
o performing preventative and predictive maintenance
o cleaning
o training
o inspecting/monitoring according to production tickets and Product Assembly Documents (PADs)
o troubleshooting
• Produce a wide variety of products of close and exacting specifications and dimensional requirements, complex shapes, and interrelated dimensions.
• Operating of complex automated and manual machinery.
• Is capable of performing all assembly tasks.
• All the above disciplines are to be performed with safety, quality, and integrity.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned.
• Performs assembly responsibilities and the above functions on the following machines as applicable:

o Assembly functions as required
o Joseph machines
o Sampson saws
o TPS machines
o Automated programmable stops
o Backbedders
o Chop saws
o Dies - pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical
o XYZ glass cutters
o Tempering ovens
o Autoclaves
o Eastman cutter
o Bavelloni
o (Decoral)
o Washers
o Laminating lines
o IG ovens
o Roll formers
o Hand tools
o Screen expresses

• Plan operation sequences and procedures based on specified dimensional relationships, print tolerances, stock allowances from previous machining operations, and part distortion from stresses generated by heat treatment or previous machining operations.
• Few if any quality problems related to poor planning of operation sequences or procedures.
• Job related operation sequences and procedures are understood and properly applied with little if any assistance, and without unnecessary delays, on a consistent basis.
• Informs supervisor of potential problems, such as surfaces that won't clean, prior to the start of the operation being performed whenever possible.
• Consistently determines the most efficient and cost effective procedure for machining the part.
• Load downloads for operating various computer controlled equipment.
• Apply appropriate process techniques to generate materials of the correct size, finish, color, quantity and other specifications according to the production documentation.
• Apply appropriate speeds and feeds to optimize tool life and machinery productivity.
• Make allowances for changes in machinery due to temperature changes and machine wear in order to maintain specified tolerances.
• Operate overhead cranes for the positioning and turning, loading, and unloading of heavy parts and equipment to and from machines.
• Maintain coolant levels and concentrations.
• Check lube oil levels and way surfaces at appropriate intervals to ensure machinery is receiving proper lubrication.
• Perform assigned preventative maintenance tasks for machinery and equipment being used or operated.
• Report all machine and equipment maintenance problems to department leaders.
• Train employees on machinery and equipment.
• Must assist new and existing employees in learning machining and assembly processes.


To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill and/or ability required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.
• Must demonstrate team skills by transferring knowledge to other employees (training and communicating).
• Must demonstrate willingness to learn multiple tasks as required to achieve company goals.
• Must respect and appreciate the diversity of others.
• Set-ups are made properly and in less than average time, with little or no assistance, on a consistent basis.
• Few if any quality problems related to poorly made set-ups.
• Brings to supervisor's attention any missing, worn or damaged set-up equipment as well as equipment shortages on a consistent basis.
• Identifies and recommends ways to reduce set-up time on a consistent basis.
• Apply appropriate machining techniques to generate required flatness, straightness, parallelism, squareness, position, finish, size, and dimensional relationships such as indicating, shimming, blocking, wheel dressing, spark out, climb milling, conventional milling, chucking pressure adjustment, clamping adjustments, minimizing heat, etc.
• Machining techniques are understood and properly applied with little if any assistance, and without unnecessary delays, on a consistent basis.
• High production levels are maintained on a consistent basis. Communicates anticipated task completion times and works with supervisor on selection of next / upcoming assignments.
• Few if any quality problems related to improper operation or judgment of machine of machine or equipment.
• Few if any accidents related to improper operation or judgment of machine or equipment.
• Consistently uses good judgment when positioning, loading and unloading heavy parts and equipment to and from machine, i.e stap placement, proper lifting devices, finding center of gravity, avoiding sharp edges or protecting lifting device from sharp edges.
• Machine maintenance problems are reported to supervisor on a timely basis.
• Measure and inspect parts and equipment
• Visually inspect parts for obvious defects, damage, cracks, burrs or missing features.
• Measure parts and set-up equipment using a wide range of measuring instruments such as O.D. micrometers, depth micrometers, dial calipers, dial indicators, gauge blocks, height gauges, plug gauges, telescope gauges, air gauges, small hole gauges, dial bore gauges, protractors, precision square, radius gauges, feeler gauges and scales, tape measures and hardness testers.
• Few if any quality problems related to inaccurate measuring of parts or set-up equipment.
• Carefully inspects parts for obvious functional defects such as cracks, burrs or missing features, and cosmetic defects such as scratches and rust, and reports them to the department supervisor or lead person on a consistent basis.
• Records measurements, data so that S.P.C. can be performed if necessary.
• Required measuring processes and techniques are understood and properly applied with little or any assistance, and without unnecessary delays, on a consistent basis.
• Takes appropriate action to assure that all measuring equipment used is calibrated and maintained in accordance with good machining practices.
• Prepare parts for transportation
• Deburrs parts by stoning, filing, or other methods to remove sharp edges unless specifically specified otherwise on the engineering blueprint.
• Thoroughly cleans all parts and equipment and coats with an approved rust inhibitor.
• Handles parts and equipment carefully to prevent nicks, dents and/or scratches on ground or finished machine surfaces.
• Carefully prepares parts for transportation to the next operation to prevent damage, (special care is taken on parts with ground surfaces.)
• Consistently performs the duties above with no supervision.
• Maintain good work habits.
• Employee utilizes worksite time in a productive and efficient manner.
• Employee demonstrates positive work ethic.
• Stays at or with assigned task both physically and mentally on a consistent basis.
• Avoids excessive idle conversations during non-break times
• Works to established company and departmental start, break and stop times.
• Consistently works overtime when required.
• Gives his or her best effort under all circumstances.
• Leaves legible and understandable notes for the person working opposite him/her. Communicates effectively.
• Consistently works to all established PGT policies and guidelines.
• Promote teamwork and continuous improvement.
• Strive to meet and exceed individual, departmental, area and corporate goals, and ultimately the expectations of our customers.
• Supports and actively participates in non-conformance reporting activities for example:
• Departmental teams, cross-functional teams, problem-solving teams.
• Strives for self-improvement on a continuous basis.
• Frequently makes beneficial suggestions.
• Gets along well with fellow workers, vendors, and outside customers.
• Accepts constructive criticism as an opportunity for continuous improvement.
• Shares his/her knowledge with others in an effort to make them more productive
• May personally mentor less experienced machinists
• Supports training activities within the department.
• Perform other duties or temporary jobs as may be assigned.
• Perform other duties not specifically identified in job description, as may be assigned.
• Take short-term temporary job assignments as required due to changing workloads and manpower requirements.
• Adjusts easily to different jobs and work assignments.
• Willingly takes on other duties and temporary job assignments and maintains a positive outlook. Gives his/her best effort under all circumstances.
• Knows and follows all PGT safety rules and procedures
• safety rules and procedures have been instituted to reduce injuries to employees and property damage. Violation if safety rules can involve disciplinary action as well as have a detrimental effect on job performance evaluations.
• Wears safety glasses at all times when in posted areas.
• Wears safety shoes that meet ANSI standard in all production areas. Does not wear sneakers, canvas topped shoes or sandals.
• Only operates equipment with which he/she is familiar. Asks for instructions before operating unfamiliar equipment.
• Immediately cleans up coolant and or oil spills.
• Follows accepted shop practices when using hand tools, equipment or machinery.
• Uses only approved chains, slings, and lifting devices. Uses protective padding between sharp corners and nylon lifting slings.
• Reports all injuries and unsafe conditions to supervisor.
• Uses air hoses and nozzles only for intended purposes- does not direct the air blast at other employees or use the air blast to clean his/her clothing.
• Does not wear loose clothing while operating equipment, and is aware if the hazards associated with wearing ties, wrist watches, rings and other jewelry when operating equipment.
• Keeps a neat and orderly work place. Sweeps and cleans the floor around assigned machine on a daily basis. Actively participates in daily general department clean up.
• Performs housekeeping procedures during machine run times whenever possible without sacrificing safety. Willingly cleans more than his/her own area without being asked.


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