Dish washer

  • Express Employment - CO | FL | GA | HI
  • Valrico, FL, USA
  • Apr 24, 2018

Job Description

Express Employment is hiring for a Dish Washer 1st Shift

• Collect soiled dishes from dining areas and transport them to the kitchen

• Ensure that soiled dishes are stacked properly so that they can be picked easily for washing purposes

• Mix liquid soap and ensure that sponges are properly immersed in the liquid

• Clean dishes and flatware with water in order to clear them of dirt

• Soap down dishes and ensure that they are rinsed properly

• Place washed dishware and flatware on drying racks

• Use drying cloth to dry dishes and flatware completely

• Load soap and water into dishwashers

• Place dishes appropriately in the dishwasher

• Switch dishwasher on for the right amount of time and keep a watch on the timer

• Remove washed dishes from the dishwasher and make arrangements to dry them if needed

• Stack dishes properly in cupboards

• Maintain kitchen work areas and receive and store kitchen supplies

• Sweep kitchen floor and take trash out

• Ensure that the kitchen floor is properly sanitized

• Perform preventative and regular maintenance on dishwashers and ovens

If you are interested Please call 813-502-6955

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