• Express Employment - CO | FL | GA | HI
  • LaGrange, GA, USA
  • Feb 14, 2018

Job Description

Job Duties/Responsibilities
  • Hand sews free end of cord to end of weft with matching thread.
  • Turns mounting reel to twist weft seam around cord.
  • Counts number of filling and warp threads per square inch and draws new filling and warp threads through belting to maintain specified weave pattern and to finish belting.
  • May use hurdle fork to move filling threads close together when weaving narrow belting.
  • Turns pegs to tighten threads.
  • Cuts strands from tuft of matched hair, using scissors and interweaves root ends around and between threads in prescribed sequence.
  • Inspects belting and removes loose filling threads.
  • Draws warp threads over and under filling threads, using hook.
  • Pulls strands straight and weaves successive strands to complete weft.
  • Cuts and knots thread ends.
  • Fastens mounting cord of specified color to hub of mounting reel and turns reel handle to wind cord.
  • Loops end of cord and sews remaining seam to loop, folding seam at intervals to smock hair.
  • Cuts warp threads to specified length, using tape measure and shears, and ties or laps warp threads together to join belts.

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