Cellar Position

  • Highland Brewing
  • Asheville, NC, USA
  • Feb 02, 2018
Brewery / Brewer

Job Description

Employment Opportunity

Highland Brewing Company is seeking experienced candidates for our Cellar to join the brewhouse team in our exciting hill-top brewery, event center and meadow complex.

If you meet the following qualifications and are capable of working in a fast paced, artisanal and challenging environment, we would welcome the opportunity to review your resume. Please send cover letter, salary requirements and resume to Careers@HighlandBrewing.com.


Job Title: Cellarperson
FLSA Status: Non-exempt
Reports to: Head Brewer


Responsible for assisting brewhouse staff in all areas of brewery operations including brewing, cleaning, sanitation, and equipment maintenance


* Cleans, sanitizes, and purges tanks according to set standards
* Ensures work area is clean and well organized
* Ensures tank exteriors, floors, drains, parts, and hoses are cleaned regularly
* Monitors and records results of fermentation and cellaring of beer through taste panel, gravities, cell counts, and diacetyl testing, and yeast dumping
* Performs dry hops safely, and efficiently, minimizing opportunity for oxidation, and eliminating the possibility of contamination
* Ensures that product is free from microbiological contamination
* Ensures equipment is maintained and pump seals are replaced on a regular basis
* Centrifuges, filters and carbonates beer as required
* Documents production and movement of beer as required to meet regulatory requirements
* Maintains complete and comprehensive process tracking logs as requested
* Follows safety procedures and wears PPE
* Performs other duties as assigned



* High-school diploma
* Associate degree in Brewing and Distillation Science preferred


* One year of relevant experience in a production brewery is preferred

Specific Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

* Understanding of fermentation science and the elements of brewing
* Ability to install, maintain, and modify most mechanical components of the fermentation, conditioning, filtration, and packaging systems
* Ability to modify processes (under a brewer's supervision) to insure consistency and high quality of finished beer
* Ability to perform under pressure and prioritize multiple demands
* Ability to maintain confidentiality of recipes, processes, procedures, and other internal information

Working Conditions:

* Ability to stand for long periods of time and do physically demanding work is required.
* Ability to lift up to 50 lbs. is required.
* Willingness to work on and around potentially dangerous equipment/machinery is required.
* Willingness to work with strong cleaning agents is required.
* Willingness to work in an environment with high noise levels is required.
* Willingness to rotate between first and second shifts is required.
* Willingness to occasionally work events on evenings and weekends is required.