Assistant Vice President Managed Care

  • HCA
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
  • Nov 15, 2017

Job Description

Job Code: 10201-22926


No Weekends

HCA, a Fortune 100 company with more than 200,000 employees, is one of the nation's leading providers of healthcare services, operating over 170 locally managed hospitals and over 100 freestanding surgery centers in 20 states and the United Kingdom. With its founding in 1968, HCA created a new model for hospital care in the United States, using combined resources to strengthen hospitals, deliver patient-focused care and improve the practice of medicine. HCA is a learning healthcare system that uses more than 27 million annual patient encounters to advance science, improve patient care and save lives. HCA has been named one of the world's most ethical companies for eight years in a row. At HCA, we are driven by a single goal: the care and improvement of human life.

HCA's Payer Contracting and Alignment Team leads the strategic course for the Company in such areas as delivery system redesign, healthcare reform and strategic pricing approaches for Commercial payors; and administers, coordinates and supports all Commercial managed care negotiations, contracting and reporting activities on behalf of the HCA facilities in the respective markets comprising the Division, pursuant to the business/financial plan and SP&A policies and procedures.


At the direction of the applicable CVP of Payer Contracting and Alignment: Participate in developing and execution of the strategic course for the Company in such areas as delivery system redesign, healthcare reform and strategic pricing approaches for Commercial payers (including Health Insurance Exchange QHPs); and administer, coordinate and support all Commercial managed care negotiation, contracting and reporting activities on behalf of the HCA facilities in the respective markets comprising the Division, pursuant to the business/financial plan and PCA policies and procedures.

Participate in supporting the strategic course for assigned markets to promote maintenance and optimization of the fee-for-service price/volume equation, including seeking opportunities for alternative payment models (APMs) in order to maintain and grow managed government net revenues. Administer, coordinate and support all negotiation, contracting and reporting activities relative to managed government programs on behalf of the HCA facilities in the markets comprising the AVP's assigned responsibility portfolio, pursuant to the division or market business/financial plan and PCA policies and procedures.

Note: This is a senior level position within the Company, with significant revenue responsibilities and requiring a high-level understanding of healthcare financing and delivery and the ability to think strategically and offer innovative solutions to the complex challenges facing both the Company specifically and the healthcare industry in general (in addition to the ability to successfully manage day-to-day operational responsibilities).

The PCA AVP will office in the East Florida Division with responsibility for the East Florida markets.


• The primary responsibility of the AVP is to optimize the fee-for-service price/volume equation of a Commercial net revenue portfolio greater than $1.0B but no more than $2.5B, and with Managed Government Program payors, optimizing the fee-for-service price/volume equation of a net revenue portfolio greater than $.5B but no more than $2.5B, which includes hospitals, behavioral health facilities, provider-based (free-standing) emergency departments, ambulatory surgery centers and various ancillary provider types, and also having significant connectivity with the Company's employed physicians (PSG) and other referral alignment vehicles as applicable (i.e. CIN, ACO, PHO, etc.)].

• Maintain current knowledge of State and Federal regulations, laws and legislative agendas regarding the healthcare industry, paying particular attention to those involving state Medicaid and managed care, CMS federal programs for FFS Medicare and Medicare Advantage, as well as healthcare reform. Engage and coordinate with HCA's internal government relations team and state hospital associations to monitor regulatory and legislative changes, and provide formal guidance on risks and opportunities that may impact the managed government portfolio.

•The AVP is responsible for providing input on his/her area of expertise in the preparation of the annual Market Strategic Reviews (as applicable) and PCA budget packet with his/her RVP for each market, at the direction of the PCA CVP of Managed Government Programs.

• The AVP will oversee the successful coordination, negotiation and implementation of Commercial contracts with Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), other Commercial Payers, and implementation of contracts with Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) operating in the managed government space and to maintain effective working relationships with his/her counterparts at such entities.

• The AVP will ensure that all required processes and available strategic pricing, legal, reporting and communication tools and processes will be deployed in order to both (a) maximize contract performance/yield (e.g., Net Revenue, Percentage of Charge Revenue, Net Revenue per Adjusted Admission, Contribution Margin, etc.), and (b) be consistent with the Division's EBIDTA and pricing bandwidth management objectives. Among these requirements will be maintaining an effective working relationship with the Analytics & Pricing Services (A&PS) and PCA Legal department staffs and adeptness with Qlikview, Cash Reconciliation Reports and Service Line tools.

• The AVP will collaborate and assist with his/her PCA-Government/Commercial AVP's and PCA-Physician Services Group (PSG) colleagues' contracting activities with overlap MCOs and other Payers.

• The AVP may be involved in HUB denial management activities, from avoidance (by securing robust contract protections) to information gathering (via regular meetings with Case Management and SSCs, maintenance of Denial Activity Tracker form) to resolution to disputes (via involvement with PCA Legal, SSC Legal and other dispute resolution processes).

•The AVP will monitor Managed Government Program payors' performance via regular reviews of payor volume, rate and yield, including volume/yield and cash reconciliation reporting on at least a quarterly basis.

• Supervise, oversee and develop direct reports (if any/as applicable) in accordance with their job descriptions, all Company requirements and the dictates of personnel management best practices.

• As a key member of the PCA senior management team, participate in strategic development initiatives as assigned by the RVP or CVP, including but not limited to such things as alternative payment methodologies (APMs, e.g., capitation, pay-for-performance (P4P), bundled payments, patient-centered medical homes, etc.), contracting practices (e.g., language standards, protective provisions, etc.), healthcare reform (e.g., CIN, ACO, VBP, HIX, BPCI, CJR, Population Health-based analytics, etc.), delivery system redesign opportunities (e.g., employer engagement and/or direct contracting, collaboration with PSG colleagues, assistance with physician alignment vehicle, etc.), subject-specific task forces, etc.

• Ensure assimilation as a key member of HCA's Group/Division/Market/Facility operations management team (e.g., Presidents, CEOs, CFOs, COOs, Development and Service Line VPs, CNOs and Directors, including hospitals, ASCs, IDTFs and PSG), and provide expertise, support, consumer advocacy, education, involvement in legislative issues, budgeting tools and other communication strategies to ensure a commonality of understanding, purpose and direction in all market-based PCA activities.

• Comply with standard Company reporting and signatory requirements, including but not limited to timely submitting Monthly Operating Report (MOR) attestations and various other monthly reports (e.g., Major Payers Update, ASC Update, Completed Contracts Report, Behavioral Health Update, HIX/Narrow-Network Update, etc.), overseeing preparation and conduct of annual Strategic Market Reviews and Contract Strategy Presentations (CSPs), adhering to Contract Process and related PCALink, Team Room and C-Trax requirements, evaluating and processing Alternative Payment Methodology initiatives, completion and documentation (in Health Stream or in-person attendance) of annual Code of Conduct, Physician Relationship, Information Protection and other required training activities, business/travel expense processes through Concur, human resources policies and procedures (e.g., use of TMS/Authoria system for goal-setting, performance evaluations, etc.), and so on.

• Ensure that a permanent record of all negotiations and documentation relating to Commercial and Managed Goverm,emt MCO contracting activities is maintained in local files, electronic files, and/or C-Trax (or as may otherwise be permitted/required); provide copies of finalized documents to the SSC and (as applicable) Ambulatory Surgery Division (ASD) and PSG; and provide in-servicing and other summary documents to PSG, SSC and Case Management colleagues, on a need-to-know basis, in order to enable them to better operationalize such MCO contracts.

• Maintain current knowledge of State and Federal regulations, laws and legislative agendas regarding the healthcare industry, paying particular attention to those that involve healthcare reform, managed care, ERISA and health insurance.

• Practice and adhere to HCA's mission and values statement and code of conduct, and attend all required ethics and compliance training and retraining.

• Perform other duties as may be assigned or requested by the SVP, CVP, RVP, and Division CEO, Division CFO, ASD and hospital leadership.


Managed Care experience, specifically in the areas of financial analysis, payment methodologies, contract language and negotiations. The candidate must be fluent in such systems as Word (including editing documents via redline features), Excel, Pivot Point tables and PowerPoint presentations, etc.

The position may require overnight travel up to 20% of the time.


10 or more year of experience
Other preferred/required experience: Managed Care contract negotiation experience, whether for a hospital system or MCO


College Graduate Required
Masters Degree preferred, equivalent experience considered



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