Dear Potential Candidate,

It is our pleasure to extend the following offer of employment to you on behalf of { SYKES ENTERPRISES } Our Recruiting Team reviewed your resume and we are pleased with your qualifications. Your resume was shortlisted for an online interview with the HR MANAGER Mrs. Lynn Loefgren, You are to have her added to your Buddy List via GOOGLE HANGOUT for an Online Job Briefing.

You are required to setup a Gmail account on ( ) and download a GOOGLE HANGOUT APP from your Play Store using your Mobile device or PC on ( ).

The HIRING MANAGER will let you know more about the available positions in the company which you would prefer to get interviewed for and she would also answer your questions and brief you more about the company and position we have available for you to Occupy.

Contact our Human Resource Manager via Google Hangout.

Name: Mrs. Lynn Loefgren
Google Hangout: ID (
Date: Monday thru Saturday
Time: As soon as possible.

We look forward to having you interviewed
Best of luck.